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Want to binge the rest of your favorite show, but can't splurge on a Netflix subscription? Here are all the ways to find free Netflix.

Need free Netflix to finish ‘Money Heist’? Here’s how to make it happen

Want to keep watching your favorite Netflix shows like Money Heist, but don’t have the funding to keep your streaming service alive? Don’t despair, there are ways you can keep watching your favorite Netflix shows for free. Granted, they’re not necessarily legitimate, but you don’t need to rob a bank to get free Netflix. 

Here are some simple ways you can keep enjoying Netflix, absolutely free. 

Start a free trial

The simplest way to get free Netflix is to sign up for a free, 30-day trial. Just sign up for the free trial on Netflix and enjoy 30 days of bingeing with no charge. Just remember to cancel the subscription when your 30 days are up or you could end up with a $14 per month bill! 

Wait, you want Netflix longer than a month, but can’t squeeze $14 out of your account right now? Here are some other tips.

Mooch off a friend

Netflix allows users to create multiple accounts. Ask a friend who has Netflix who’s willing to let you leech off them. It could even be your mom or your roommate. Get their Netflix password from them and set up your own account

That said, Netflix is getting wise to moochers. This is part of the reason they raised premiums in the last couple of years. Also, Netflix is starting to use AI to bust people riding on another person’s account. Enjoy the gravy train while it lasts. 

Download a modified version

Sometimes, a modified version of the streaming service can give you the same Netflix experience as a paid-for account. To install the most modified versions of Netflix, make sure you have plenty of battery because it can sap your phone’s power fast! 

There are tweaked app stores where you can purchase modified versions of paid-for apps. Scroll until you see “Free Netflix” and follow the instructions. The download process can take a while. You may also need to run other apps to access free Netflix, but you only need to run them for a short time before deleting. 

If you already have Netflix but want to get a premium version free, you can also use these apps to get a free upgrade. You may have to disable some features on your phone, laptop, or tablet in order to run free Netflix this way or it could crash your device. 

Warning to pirates

That said, we have to caution you on using pirated apps. While it’s unlikely, Netflix can come after you for pirating their streaming service. Plus, modified versions are taken down by companies like Netflix all the time, so any of the sites we listed could be here today, gone tomorrow. Plus, some of these sites can mess up your device or give it bugs. 

Fortunately, there are less risky ways to enjoy free Netflix. 

Get a sponsored year of Netflix

If you’re squeamish about straight-up pirating an app but want Netflix for free, you’re in luck. There are ways to legally get Netflix for free for longer than a month. Sites like MacCrunch offer a free year of Netflix to new users. Go on the site sponsoring your free Netflix, follow their instructions, and voila! Binge guilt-free without a hit to your wallet. 

Granted, you may have to purchase a service to reap this reward. You might not, though. Banks, credit unions, and other services offer free goodies to customers as part of their marketing & loyal customer incentives. T-Mobile and Verizon offer free Netflix to their members. Look up perks from your bank, gym, or other memberships you already have. 

Free Netflix could be yours and you don’t know it. 

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