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Is the big game streaming right now? Want to watch a movie? It's 2021, live streams are the way of the future, and the future is now. Here are free options.

How To Watch Free Live Streams

Viewing a super hit movie at your place can be even more entertaining when it is obtainable without any charge. uncountable cinemas are accessible online. Latest movies, vintage dramas, and hot shows can be found online.

There appears to be a great deal of free streaming broadcasts available, all fun goes under the veil and efforts become futile if they cannot be accessed due to geo-locking or content censorship.

To pass the restrictions, there are paid VPN services available by which you can change IP address and that provides you accessibility to all the vital streaming platforms. We would recommend you to always use a recommended VPN service which is reliable and returns quality back to you.

Streaming services have proven to be entertaining for every member of the family. But signing up for a lot of them is not financially viable. That’s where the free online streaming services come in. For many people, these apps provide hours of pleasure without the costs. You will have to watch ads in order for them to be free; however, this is no different than cable packages and other mediums that are expensive.

And since they’re free, you can sign up easily without any hassle, we’ve compiled a list of the best free online streaming sites.

Quick View of Free Streaming Platforms

  1. Peacock TV: From Universal Studio and NBC, you can watch the shows they’ve created.
  2.  Flixtor: The interface is easy to use. It has a search engine that will help you find what you want.
  3. AZMovies: Provides a large selection of films for charge with tolerable ads.
  4. FilmRise: The cinema offers a wide selection of classic movies.
  5. Sony Crackle: The search functionality is easy to use and makes it difficult to find content that has not been popular with viewers.
  6.  Moviejoy: iPronto offers both 1080p HD videos and exceptional streaming speeds, so you get the best experience possible.
  7. SolarMovies: The site’s well-organized movie categorization and high-quality links give an individualized streaming experience.
  8. Tubi TV: This streaming site offers a vast library of free movies and shows.
  9. YesMovies: This website has a search bar at the top. You can look for movies and shows that way.
  10. 123Movies: This site’s simple design makes it to handle effortlessly, although showing no-ad policy confirms continual digital transfer. 

Top 05 Free Streaming Platforms

  1. Peacock TV is a new streaming service that provides its members with many free videos, movies, and live television channels. We found the content library to be quite well-rounded since it offers both free options and paid plans for users.
  2. Flixtor lets you stream TV shows. We love its awesome user interface, smooth playback, low annoyance from ads, and better search function. According to the site, they are fully automated, which can make it more impressive.
  3. AZMovies is a wonderful long standing free streaming platform. With its slogan the platform is successful to present your favorite movies online, without paying per movie or worrying about limits—you can choose from the movie you like and then enjoy watching it, just pick the movie! It’s free and always will be.”
  4. FilmRise has more than 20,000 titles available to watch. Its main focus is on classic movies. The streaming website offers an app for download and installation on a variety of devices, including both Android and iOS as well as Roku.
  5. Crackle offers a great selection of movies, TV shows, and original series. They also offer apps for Android and Apple devices. The downside to this is it will show commercials because it’s an ad-supported network. Despite the challenges, you should never abandon your travel plans. It is not restricted in the United States. However, you can configure your VPN to unblock Crackle from overseas.

Selecting Top Streaming Service

Deciding whether you need live TV is key when setting up your television. You can use PlutoTV, Sling TV, and Xumo for live tv or Peacock, Crackle, IMDBtv, and Tubi for on-demand movies and shows.

One way to compare streaming services is by the content they offer. Aside from Peacock, which has name-brand content (like Hell’s Kitchen and Roseanne), most of the free streaming services have a limited selection of TV shows and movies. There are some variations in what these services provide so it pays to look through.


There are many free streaming sites around the internet; you just have to search the right way to access that platform. Out of the dozens of free streaming websites that we examined, we found 20 very good ones. One can stream on those sites and add exhilarating films and TV programs without paying a penny.

Enable your VPN before installing it to protect against malware, spyware, and other information thieves. A VPN can provide a secure connection that secures your devices from being tracked or blocked by geo-restrictions.

Though there are many VPN services available, ExpressVPN is the best streamer and this is why we recommend it as your streaming tool. The company goes above and beyond with its streaming quality. 

Frequently Asked Questions

 Which websites can you stream for free?

You should take a look at the list of sites included in the article.

Is there any free streaming website without a sign-up requirement?

Streaming movies online is not always an easy task. Some movie-streaming sites that do not ask for registration before streaming include

  1.  Internet Archive
  2. SolarMovie
  3. 123Movies
  4. YesMovies
  5. YouTube

Are free streaming platforms legal?

Public domain movies and television shows are not illegal.

Given that the website is free, does a VPN still need to be used?

It is not a requirement for accessing many of these sites, but you should have a reliable VPN for your safety on a free movie streaming website. A VPN will hide your online activity and protect you from third-party agencies.

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