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We love a good gambling movie, and we have already run down some of the very best female-led casino scenes. Here's the coolest scenes.

All the coolest female-led casino scenes in herstory

We love a good gambling movie, and we have already run down some of the very best casino scenes. Unfortunately, almost every gambling and casino movie has been distinctly male-focused. Perhaps that’s why when a truly talented actress steals a scene, that scene burns itself into our memories. 

Whether they’re running tables by counting cards, or desperately trying to win big by gambling it all, when a woman takes over the casino scene, it becomes wildly more fun. 

While our casino preferences run more towards comeon slots than the big betting tables like roulette and poker, most of these scenes run for the highly dramatic games of chance. But regardless of whether you’re more into sports betting, poker, or slots, these movies are sure to draw you in and make you feel like it’s time to see if you luck is on your side.

Sharon Stone in Casino

“For Ginger, love costs money”. 

Sharon Stone is absolutely stunning in her role as Ginger in Martin Scorcese’s Casino. Based on the nonfiction book, Casino: Love and Honor in Las Vegas by Nicolas Pileggi, Casino is renowned as one of the best gambling movies of all time. 

In her role as Ginger, Sharon Stone plays a chip hustler who marries Sam “Ace” Rothstein (none other than Robert De Niro). 

The scene where Ace first sets eyes on Ginger through the security camera is epic Sharon Stone. Ginger is flirty and fun, drawing a crowd even while she snags chips from the gambler next to her right off the table. As Ginger and her gambling partner get into a confrontation, she throws the chips in the air, and the nearby crowd scrambles to get their hands on the free money. Meanwhile Ace has instantly fallen in love. 

Kate Bosworth in 21

“Let’s go make a killing”. 

Kate Bosworth stars as Jilly Taylor in 21, the blackjack movie based on the nonfiction novel, Bringing Down the House by Ben Mezrich. The true story of a team of MIT students who, led by their professor, manage to win big counting cards in blackjack. 

When the team sets out to run the tables, each member has a role to play. Kate Bosworth’s Jill is sophisticated and cool. Never sweating, never speaking a word, just calmly counting and playing with her chip, never dropping her cover for a moment. She steals the scene (and a ton of money!) without even trying.

Jodie Foster in Maverick

“Was that fast? I thought that was fast”.

Jodie Foster plays con artist Annabelle Bransford in Maverick, the western comedy about a high stakes poker game starring Foster alongside Mel Gibson, as the titular con artist. Foster is at her very best in Maverick, as she plays up her ladylike role, all the while running her own con schemes, and hanging with a decidedly rough group of men. 

Foster’s Annabelle doesn’t back down from the tables full of men who are happy to pull a gun if they lose, and doesn’t miss a beat when the opportunity to talk a little smack arises. She is arguably one of the best parts of the whole movie.

Franka Potente in Run Lola Run

“Just one more game”.

In the title role of Lola, Franka Potente is challenged to come up with 100,000 Deutsche mark to save her boyfriend from certain death. The movie portrays three different outcomes for Lola’s frantic acquisition of money, including her making her way into a casino with 100 mark, changing the money for chips, and recklessly betting it all in roulette. 

Potente’s Lola sticks out like a sore thumb in the casino, frazzled and underdressed, she doesn’t even wait for a seat to throw in on the game. While the security team has their eyes on her, she is singular in her mission, which is one of the biggest victories of the acclaimed film.

Eva Green in Casino Royale

“I thought we dispensed with covers”.

Eva Green’s role as Vesper Lynd in Casino Royale is to provide support and backup for James Bond (Daniel Craig) in his high stakes poker game, instead, she steals every scene she’s in.

When she enters the game with the goal of drawing everyone’s attention with just her presence and a quick word with Bond, Green’s Lynd is both jaw-droppingly gorgeous and completely slick. She knows exactly what she’s doing and makes it clear that she’s suffering no fools when she has a quiet moment with Bond.

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