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IM Mastery Academy's best class, CashTrap, teaches entrepreneurs about stocks and finance in a highly effective way. Meet the course's creator here.

Top Trading Educator Matt Thayer Is Changing The Industry With CashTrap

CashTrap strategy is one of the trading strategies of IM Mastery Academy. It’s recognized for being simple and highly effective in learning about trades and the market in general. Not long after Matthew Thayer created CashTrap, it has already revolutionized the industry and helped thousands of families financially.

Matt is a renowned trading educator based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. After leaving his job at World Ventures, he started a new career in trading with IM Mastery Academy. Matt suffered from blowing numerous accounts initially. 

This motivated him to put more effort into learning how to trade. After much experience, he started to build his reputation as a trader and coach a small team.


Currently, Matt’s influence continues to grow and he attracts thousands of students to his training programs. This has been made possible due to his commitment to trading and working with different strategies. He’s one of IM Mastery Academy’s top educators with thousands of people looking up to him for insights into the market and trading strategies. 

Matt has built up his trading portfolio Over the last two and a half years, Matt has created a massive trading portfolio and went from a group of 200 students watching him weekly to now over 250k weekly. A large part of his success can be credited to him creating the CashTrap strategy. 

He ensures that he shares his knowledge to help others succeed in trading. He loves teaching individuals and sharing his experiences with them so that they can grow their trading portfolios.

CashTrap uses easy-to-understand charts and materials to come up with the best possible trading decision. It allows those using the strategy to quickly catch market ideas. It’s also backed by goLIVE sessions, which makes it more effective.

Live mentorship is offered to members of IM Mastery Academy and it provides them with training sessions from master educators. It helps them accelerate their growth and maximizes their chances of success.

What makes CashTrap unique from other strategies is its use of multiple Bollinger Bands. It allows traders to quickly identify the unpredictability of the market and oversold areas. 

After all, determining the industry’s volatility can be challenging for those who are new in trading. It also uses currency strength meter and Relative Strength Index (RSI) and Stochastics, moving average line, and arrow indicators.

Besides providing education, CashTrap also helps empower the members by giving them the confidence to pursue the lifestyle they want through trading. 

Since its inception, many have testified to how the strategy has changed their lives for the better. Many successful traders now can credit their achievements to Matt and his CashTrap strategy.

When Matt dedicated himself to learning how to trade, he achieved great success and created a wonderful lifestyle for him. He wanted to use his personal experience and knowledge to help others on their journey. 

Through CashTrap, Matt has impacted the lives of many people and made it possible for them to create wealth for themselves and their families.

You can learn more about Matt by following him on Instagram @matthewthayer and Facebook. You can learn his strategies and grow your portfolio by joining his training programs.

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