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Online dating is more popular than ever before, and that's a huge opportunity for you. Learn how to build a new dating website to capitalize on the craze.

Become your own boss by creating a hit dating website

Online dating has been a popular choice for decades, with sites like and FarmersOnly have made headlines, and apps like Tinder and Bumble have been major hits for young people all over the world. However, the past year and a half has thrown online dating into overdrive. With millions of people staying in lockdown or social distancing, dating has moved almost entirely into the digital world.

With so many people now turning to online dating, there’s a huge business opportunity for anyone who’s ever wanted to run their own online dating website. Who wouldn’t love to be their own boss that has an independent stream of income? It’s not easy to build up a profitable website, but it is possible to do with enough hard work, and the best time to start is right now.

Of course, there are a ton of different things to consider when creating a website, especially one that will, in theory, have thousands of visitors spending their time & money on it each and every day. If you don’t know how to create a dating website, don’t worry! We’re here to let you know the most important features you need to include to get your website off the ground.


Functionality is key

First you need to focus on the key features that users will interact with every time they come to your new dating website. You’ll have to create a way for users to log into your site and build a profile that tells other users what they look like, what interests they have, and who they’re interested in meeting. Even the most basic profile page will provide a solid foundation for your new users.

The next most important feature for your dating site is the search function. You’ll want to provide a variety of ways for people to search through the profiles of other users. Don’t worry about building a fancy algorithm that finds perfect matches for each user. As long as people are able to look through profiles on their own, sorting via a variety of metrics, they’ll be able to find a good partner on your site.

Finally, consider building notification features. Receiving notifications from your website will keep users invested in returning day after day. The more your notifications delight your users, the more likely they’ll be to recommend your site to their friends.

Focus on aesthetics

Once you have the core functionality of your website built out, you need to make sure that the site looks beautiful & inviting to new users. Core features are obviously the most important part of a website, but if your site doesn’t look good, too, users will move on to find something different. Tweak your site’s layout and color scheme until it looks amazing.

Only after you’ve got the core features and the aesthetics of your website perfectly dialed in can you expect users to start signing up en masse and paying you money for your services. Building a successful dating site will take time & work, but in the end the payoff will be more than worth it.

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