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Data architecture is an essential thing to consider for any modern business. Discover what DataScience USA is doing to revolutionize the technology.

Building a competitive data architecture one technology at a time

In the course of the competition between enterprises engaged in the design and construction of complex engineering facilities, the question arises of optimizing work activities in order to achieve the final goal on time (or earlier) without loss of quality. Obtaining the final product within the planned time and indicators of the general criterion for the success of the project. Let’s dwell on such an important thing as time. Various operations can be used as a means of reducing the time required for designing complex software objects. After all, every day designers spend a lot of resources on searching, processing, updating and transferring data between engineering and calculation complexes, while this can be done automatically in a matter of minutes.

One of the most effective options for information systems is the creation of a single platform where all engineering and settlement systems will be interconnected, that is, interconnected through a corporate integration bus, which has proven its worth and success in the banking and insurance sectors and more info at DataScience UA.

The creation of such a platform is not a trivial matter. This is due to the fact that each software package operates with its own data format and is used for the company’s current business processes, the total number of engineering and calculation systems in a machine learning development services is in the tens and covers most of its activities.

As a result of the use of frameworks, the Solution Architecture (Application Solution Architecture) turns out to be insufficient for the design and successful implementation of such a complex product as an ESB. The logical use becomes Enterprise Architecture (Enterprise Architecture). The question remains of choosing the most appropriate description methodology when creating integration solutions at enterprises for the design and construction of complex engineering facilities.

It should be noted that the architecture of an enterprise exists independently of both our consciousness and the size of this enterprise – be it a global corporation, a small factory, a small commercial enterprise, etc. however, they do not differ too much in the composition of the components. However, some managers understand this and can afford to pay attention to all aspects of the organization of their own enterprise (these are, as a rule, managers of large companies), while others do not. It is another matter that a small business may have only two or three products, the mission and strategy are not explicitly fixed (this problem, by the way, is often found in large companies), the number of employees is 30 people and two computers with MS are used in production. Word 97. But even in this case, all this constitutes the architecture of the given enterprise.

The main goals of documenting business knowledge (enterprise architecture development) are to ensure the safety of business investments and business transparency at all levels.

Business architecture includes:

  • products and services offered and planned for sale by the bank (including individual schemes for their production), formalized in the form of a unified register of products and services, which also contains customer segmentation, tariffs and product owners;
  • sales channels for products and services, built both on the basis of structural and territorial divisions of the bank, and on the basis of modern information technologies;
  • functions and processes for the implementation of external and internal products and services that form trees of functions and processes (hereinafter referred to as business functions and business processes)
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