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A lot of crypto scam victims are seeking to find an answer to this question: how can you recover your crypto? Let's dive in.

Are There Legit Ways to Recover Scammed Crypto?

A lot of crypto scam victims are seeking to find an answer to the question of if there are legitimate ways to recover scammed crypto. And the answer is – Yes! There are actually legit ways to recover your scammed crypto! In fact, there are actually a couple of possible options for anyone who wants to recover money lost to cryptocurrency (scam) and investment scam.

This article will guide you through the process of successfully recovering your scammed crypto. We have decided to break it down to the following;

  • How to avoid crypto scams
  • Steps to take when you realize you have been scammed crypto
  • Finding the right solution after a crypto scam
  • How to avoid a crypto recovery scam
  • Facts about crypto recovery
  • 3 Legit Ways to Recover Scammed Crypto

How to Avoid Crypto Scams

I am quite sure you are familiar with the popular saying: “Prevention is better than cure.” This reality also applies when it comes to managing your cryptocurrency and other digital assets. It is estimated over $14 billion was lost to crypto scam such as bitcoin scam/bitcoin wallet theft in 2021. This is partly due to the rise of Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

There was also a 79% increase in funds lost to crypto-related scam from 2020. Cryptocurrency theft increased 516% between 2020 and now. This high volume of bitcoin and crypto scam have brought about the bitcoin recovery and crypto recovery service. The most important thing is to try to avoid falling for a crypto scam in the first place. And here are some steps you can take;

  • Investigate any crypto investment opportunity before investing in any cryptocurrency investment
  • Avoid any crypto investment opportunity that sounds too good to be true
  • Test the waters first by only investing an amount you can “afford to lose”

Steps to Take When You Realize You Have Been Scammed Crypto

The first step is that you have to calm down and make a rational decision, because it is easy to get emotional and worked up when you realize you have fallen for a crypto scam. The last thing you need to do at this point is allowing emotions to cloud your judgement. You need to relax and think clearly in order to make the right decisions and take the necessary actions in trying to recover lost bitcoin or any other crypto.

In today's time, Bitcoin is considered one of the most significant mainstream assets. Let's discuss how the pandemic has helped Bitcoin to gain popularity.

Finding the Right Solution After a Crypto Scam

Once you realize you have lost your hard-earned bitcoin or crypto to a crypto scam, you need to take the right steps to try to recover your scammed crypto. There is no point crying over spilled milk, all you need is to find the right solution for recovering your scammed crypto. There are a number of ways to go about recovering scammed crypto.

3 Legit Ways to Recover Scammed Crypto

1.) Consult with a legit funds recovery company: The most effective way to recover scammed crypto is by consulting and hiring a legit funds recovery companies. There are a few crypto recovery companies out there. We recommend CryptoInvestigo ([email protected])!

2.) Report to law enforcement or relevant government agency: Reporting to a relevant financial agency is another reliable way of recovering scammed crypto from crypto scam.

3.) Request a chargeback: You can contact your bank or credit card company to request a refund. But if you are using this approach, you will have to act very fast.

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Facts About Crypto Recovery (FAQs)

Is it possible to recover scammed crypto?

Yes, it is possible to recover scammed crypto.

Are there fake crypto recovery service?

Yes, there are fake crypto recovery services, so you need to be careful when looking for a way to get back your scammed crypto.

Can you get my money back from crypto if I was scammed?

Yes, stolen crypto be recovered, you can also recover other scammed funds.

How can you recover scammed crypto from crypto scam?

You can hire one of the best crypto recovery companies to recover scammed crypto.

I got scammed crypto, how can I recover my scammed crypto in any country?

Yes, you can recover scammed crypto Canada, Australia, Singapore, UK and other countries.

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What are the ways to recover scammed crypto?

Whether you are searching to recover scammed crypto reddit, a legit crypto recovery company will help you get the best crypto asset recovery reviewed company like CryptoInvestigo.

How to Avoid a Crypto Recovery Scam

You need to be aware of the fact that as much as there are real crypto recovery companies out there, there are also fake crypto recovery companies. However, if you understand how crypto recovery scam works, you will be able to avoid some of the crypto recovery scams that are out there.

  • Only work with a recommended recovery company like CryptoInvestigo (Email: [email protected]).
  • The recovery company should be able to articulate the recovery process.
  • Feel free to request to speak on phone.
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