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Finding success online can be difficult. Take a look at ways on how you can be a successful content creator on different online platforms.

How to be a successful content creator on online platforms

Internet access spread all over the world in the 21st century and brought with it, a new set of celebrities. Unlike traditional stars who get famous from movies or by releasing albums, this new group acquired fame online, often without help from an external agency. Today, there are many self-made millionaires around the world who thrived because they found their footing in various online platforms. 

Earlier, being an influencer or a YouTuber was not considered to be a profession, but today, many school-going kids desire to gain fame and money through these online channels as they look up to their favorite content creators. 

Unlike traditional media, online platforms present themselves as fantastic locations for everyone to succeed, no matter their talents or passions. There are also many sources of income for those who function on these platforms, including ad revenue, donations, sponsors, collaborations, etc. This article will deal with tips to succeed in a few of the most popular online platforms today.


In all of these platforms we will be discussing, the number of followers or subscribers is often considered the measure of success. 

As an Instagram influencer or content creator, your goal is to create a large following for your page with a fair amount of engagement. Compared to Facebook, the engagement levels in Instagram are massive, so brands often take to this platform to interact with their customers. 

When you get started with Instagram, determine a niche. Choose something you enjoy or something you are passionate about. Influencers often post their own photos, the products they use and the places they have been to. So, if you are into fashion, modeling, makeup, travel, etc. you might be the best subject for your Instagram page. 

Add an interesting bio that details who you are and what you do. This is integral to attracting the right followers during your initial days on this platform. Once you start uploading posts, be regular, and use popular and easy to search for hashtags under all of them. 

Interesting captions that could trigger a conversation are also great for increasing your engagement. If you are friends with other Instagram content creators, give shoutouts to their accounts and request them to do the same for you. Once you have a large enough follower count, go Live regularly and interact with them.


One could say it is significantly harder to acquire fame on YouTube. YouTubers have been here for a while and the biggest YouTuber in the world, Pewdiepie, started uploading videos back in 2010 and today, is a millionaire. 

YouTube content is created in the form of videos, and today, due to the increased affordability of good quality equipment, most of the YouTubers create and upload high-quality videos. 

But, you can get started with your mobile camera or webcam if they are decent in quality, and move on to better equipment later on. To get started with YouTube, you need to know the basics of video editing and filming. You can quickly learn these skills on the platform itself. 

Just like in Instagram, it is vital that you find a niche, whether it is gaming, commentary, music, comedy, product reviews, DIY, etc. Sharing is key, and you must share your videos on your social media accounts, and ask your friends to spread the word. 

Today, many prominent YouTuber channels make use of well-known gifs to make their content more interesting. So, convert some hilarious clips on youtube to gif and add them to your videos.

 It might take you a while to achieve the recognition you deserve, but if at least one of your videos go viral, you can become insanely famous overnight. If you also upload closed captions for your YouTube videos, it can transcend various boundaries and bring in a bigger Subscriber count. 


TikTok is a much younger platform when compared to the previous two, and their content creators also tend to be younger in age. TikTok is a platform mostly frequented by teenagers and young adults and often older individuals who want to reach out to their younger fan base. 

TikTok content is generally made up of short vertical videos complete with effects and text. While initially, TikTok creators mostly lip-synced to dialogues and songs or danced, today it features a more significant range of content. If you have something interesting to show the world, you could be a successful TikToker, no matter what you love and what you do. 

Unlike the other two platforms, you have to post extremely frequently to gain recognition on this platform. Many successful TikTok creators built their following by uploading multiple videos each day. But, one good thing about TikTok is that it heavily relies on trends, so even if you feel creatively drained, you can quickly make a video on the latest TikTok trend and get back on the frontlines. 

Summing up

In this article, we have only discussed three of the most popular online platforms frequented by content creators today, but there are other options for you to choose from. For example, if live-streaming your game is what you have in mind, maybe give Twitch a try. 

With the right strategies, regularity and content, you can succeed in any platform of your choice. 

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