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Buying Instagram followers is supposed to be one of the fastest ways to grow your account's presence. Read here to find out if it actually works.

Does Buying Instagram Followers Affect Your Brand?

Instagram is an immensely competitive place. People around the globe are using this social platform to get the required virtual recognition. Therefore, if you want to create an impact on people around you and across the world, you need to go on Instagram today.

The popularity of an Instagram account is first determined by the number of followers it has. Therefore, a majority of people prefer to buy Instagram followers. This can be very tempting as people find it very hard to gain followers organically and to keep up with the regular digital advancements. Therefore, to increase engagement on Instagram, you often need to rely on buying Instagram followers and other such tactics.

But what exactly happens when you buy Instagram followers? Will it affect your brand or business in totality? Let us answer all your queries below:

Questions people ask while buying followers:

Can people tell if you have bought followers?

Well, in most of the cases, no one can tell if you have bought fake followers. A sudden increase in the followers’ count is not a new thing and not impossible at all. So, you can confidently buy legit and active Instagram followers.

However, you should be careful about too strong followers to following ratio. Things can get a little suspicious if you don’t take care of this.

If your likes and comments are less, even if you have a lot of followers, this can also make people suspect the genuineness of your engagement.

Instagram followers can make a difference. Here are some tips on how to get more followers today.

How is the engagement?

Brands generally buy Instagram followers to boost their engagement but if they are not done through a trusted source, their engagement can degrade. The reason behind less engagement is that your post will appear in the feeds of your bought followers but they won’t engage with your content or profile.

Naturally, this will lead to suspicion among your existing audiences. People will be able to make out if there is a large number of followers but your posts do not have enough likes or comments.

And to avoid that suspicion among your audiences, you will need to buy Instagram likes and comments too. Eventually, these tactics will get outdated and people will realize that your engagement is anything but real.

Getting Instagram followers is crucial for influencers. Here are some of the best sites you can use to buy followers.

Will your competition find out?

Considering the competition among brands on Instagram, there is a high probability that your competitors also have acquired their high following after buying Instagram followers. Even if they notice they can’t point you out since there is no specific technique of determining if you have bought followers on Instagram.

Can you be punished?

Instagram doesn’t allow people to own fake followers. They have also updated their terms of use to remove all the fake accounts. If the algorithm suspects that you have any kind of fake engagement, it can ban your account immediately.

If you are also using bots for fake likes and comments, it can also trigger the algorithm to ban your Instagram account.

Where to buy Instagram followers:


Viralyft is a high-end platform to invest in a lot of premium followers for your account on Instagram. If you want to avoid buying fake followers that could alert the Instagram algorithm, then Viralyft can be a perfect place for you. You can use your credit card or debit card to pay on the Viralyft platform, while online payment platforms like PayPal are also acceptable. It also has the option to buy Instagram likes and views with fast delivery.

For buying Instagram followers, is among the most popular services you will find on the internet. The customer support team takes a second to assist you with fulfilling your goals of several social media campaigns.

If you want to improve your Instagram profile’s engagement rate, you can do it by using the Instagram likes or followers packages. It provides you with real followers that will engage with your content.

The platform is also a popular platform to buy Instagram followers. While using this, you must make sure to post sufficient Instagram posts with high-quality hashtags and the tool will take care of the rest. It will routinely increase your follower count so the Instagram algorithm doesn’t think that you are doing anything suspicious.


Viewsexpert is an affordable website to buy Instagram followers and that is why marketers love it so much. It is very difficult to boost your Instagram account’s engagement in a budget-friendly package but Viewsexpert solves all such difficulties.

Viewsexpert is also a great site if you want to buy only a few followers for your business account. Their customer service team will help you figure out the best method to achieve your social media goals, along with advising you on several ways to improve your Instagram explore page and posts.


Instagram is a highly competitive environment. Every brand on Instagram is fighting to be at first place in the race of engagement. Buying Instagram followers is a great way to do so only if you buy through a trusted seller or site that will provide you with real followers.

We have answered the most frequently asked question that every person on Instagram asks before buying followers on the platform along with the best sites. We hope this article has helped you with your problems.

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