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Will Buying Real Instagram Followers Hurt Your Account?

Building a successful Instagram channel requires you to obtain thousands of real-human followers. When people view your Instagram posts and enjoy the content you provide, it will compel them to follow your channel. The only problem is that you need to get traffic to your posts before people see them and like them. 

More than one billion people actively use Instagram each month. You might think it should be easy to acquire Instagram followers with all these active users. However, it actually creates more competition and makes it more difficult for your posts to get ranked in the Instagram Feed. That is why it’s so difficult for new Instagram channels to get noticed. 

The quick solution to this problem is to buy Instagram followers. Then you won’t have to wait several years for people to follow your channel. Instead, you can obtain hundreds of thousands of followers within a few days or weeks. Unfortunately, many people are afraid to buy real Instagram followers because they believe it will hurt their Instagram account. Are they right?

Instagram is an incredibly useful tool for branding and business. Here are some tips and tricks to consider using in 2021.

Buying Real Instagram Followers is the Key

If you buy Instagram followers from dishonest merchants who sell fake traffic, you could end up jeopardizing your Instagram channel. The only way to prevent that is to purchase 100% real Instagram followers from a reputable merchant. 

Several considerations need to be made to determine whether a merchant website is honest or not. They must provide authentic followers with high retention rates, affordable packages, 24/7 customer service and fast delivery. 

Most importantly, the merchant websites must have an excellent reputation online. Research all the reviews and feedback that have been left for various merchants. If you see mostly positive reviews and feedback, you can most likely trust those merchants. But if you see lots of negative feedback, then stay away from those merchants. 

Instagram followers can make a difference. Here are some tips on how to get more followers today.

The best way to get started is to purchase a small number of followers in order to test out a particular merchant’s services. If the followers are delivered on time without any negative damage to your Instagram account, then you can trust that merchant for future purchases. 

While Us magazine and Men’s Journal also show which sites are the best for your Instagram real growth. 

For example, start out by purchasing 100 real Instagram followers with active accounts. This will earn you admission to the Instagram Insights feature, which is required before you can upgrade to a professional or business Instagram account. If everything works out fine, purchase 500 real Instagram followers the next time around to build followers gradually.

Your main goal should be to get your purchased followers to share your content with their friends and family members. If you can build organic followers from your purchased followers, then you’ll know your investment truly paid off. But this can only happen with real followers who enjoy your content and want to engage with it. So, make sure you keep producing high-quality content for your Instagram channel.  

The Top 4 Sites

Do you want to find the best site to buy Instagram followers? There are several high-profile and high-ranking websites selling Instagram followers. Don’t purchase followers from some unknown website and risk damaging your Instagram account. It is better to buy from the most recommended and widely-used merchant websites. 

Below are the top 4 sites to buy real Instagram followers safely without hurting your account.

Do you want to buy Instagram followers without losing the service quality? If so, then head on over to This merchant will sell you 100 followers for $2.97. However, most customers prefer to buy the 500-follower package for $6.99. It comes with 24/7 live support, guaranteed instant delivery and real people with real Instagram accounts. acquires potential followers by engaging with them on your behalf. That is why they’ll be more willing to engage with your channel after they follow it. And since the packages are small, they won’t raise any red flags with the Instagram admins.

Best site to Buy Instagram followers from

Getting Instagram followers is crucial for influencers. Here are some of the best sites you can use to buy followers.


Stormlikes is one of the most trusted merchant websites known for selling authentic Instagram followers and traffic. They promise to deliver all purchased Instagram followers within minutes after the order has been processed. You can also purchase likes and views from them as well. 

They also offer you to buy Facebook page likes and Tiktok services. Those are also genuine and quality one.

There is no password required. You just need to submit your Instagram channel username. The follower packages range from 100 followers to 25,000 followers. The prices of these packages are more than reasonable for new Instagram creators. has been called the industry-leading service for purchasing Instagram followers. It focuses explicitly on growing Instagram channels with real and organic Instagram followers, likes and views. All of their services revolve around Instagram.

All the purchased Instagram followers come from high-quality Instagram accounts. But these won’t be random followers who have no interest in your channel’s content. Instead, they will be followers who will attempt to engage with your content.

This is the best site to buy Instagram followers and likes from

Social Viral is one of the few merchant websites to sell real and exclusive Instagram followers with high engagement rates. They keep their follower packages small and affordable. In fact, the highest-priced package is $39.99 for 5,000 followers. The lowest-priced package is $1.49 for 50 followers. 

If you buy Facebook likes then it will boost your profile and post visibility in a while.

Don’t worry about getting banned. claims that they use a state-of-the-art process to deliver Instagram followers to their customers’ channels.

Instagram likes can make a big difference when it comes to business. Learn how to use sites to access these crucial likes.


Yes, it is safe to buy real Instagram followers. You just have to do your due diligence on the websites selling them to ensure they are reputable and trustworthy.

Did you know that 50% of Instagram users actively follow one or more businesses on the platform? Since there are more than one billion Instagram users in the world, that means you have the potential to reach 500 million users with your channel. How great is that?

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