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If you’re desperate for an escape to the Vegas, we have some slot recommendations for you as you plan your trip.

Love playing slots? Here are all the best ones to play in Vegas

As the world begins to reel back from Coronavirus, the casinos of the world are slowly but surely figuring out how to reopen to their loyal customers. Cities like Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Monte Carlo, and Macau are big for their casinos and need that money to thrive, so it’s a big deal to reopen.

Thankfully, many casinos have offered game slot online for people to play as they wait for their Vegas plans to clear up. Now that the casinos are slowly but surely gearing up for reopenings, Sin City is going to be back in business in a new way.  

If you’re desperate for an escape to the City of Second Chances, we have some recommendations for you as you plan your trip. Besides not playing the slots at the Vegas airport, we have the details on loosest machines in the city to get the most bang for your buck. 

Any casino not on the strip

This should come as no surprise, but the billion dollar companies running casinos in Vegas have no desire to see that money bleed through their fingers to their customers. The big name casinos you know of in Vegas are the ones on the Vegas strip, but they’re the ones you need to stay away from.

On average, casinos on the strip will have you walking away with only 91.96% of your money, which is nearly 3% lower than the Boulder Strip off of the Boulder Highway. That may not sound like a lot, but think about how much money you plan on blowing in Vegas, and think about losing 3% of that. 

Plus, these casinos off the strip are usually independently run by local corporations, so they’ll also treat you a lot better. You’ll get plenty of complimentary rewards, and by the end of your time there, the bartender will definitely know your name by heart. The experience will just overall be better for you.

Palms Casino 

That being said, there are some casinos near the strip better than others for getting your best odds. On average, the Palms Casino is the best in the city for getting your money back, with a 93.42% payback rate according to the annual NGCB slot survey. 

This luxury resort, best known for housing the cast of The Real World: Las Vegas, has swapped hands over the years, but is currently owned by Station Casino, a company known for their extensive network of local casinos in Vegas. You don’t need to go too far off the strip to get here, as the Palms is only about 2 miles west. 

Gold Coast Casino

Second best in the city is literally right across the road from the Palms, at the Gold Coast Casino. With a payback average of 92.84% you’re still looking at a significant chunk of your change ending up back in your wallet. 

Plus, the Gold Coast also has the fun history of holding the largest jackpot payout for a period of time. In 1995, the casino paid out over $10 million to one lucky gambler, which was a new high for the state. Maybe you can luck out too on a Megabucks machine. 

The Boulder Strip

While these casinos have the best individual average, the Boulder Strip has the best combined average for casinos in Vegas. Named after the Boulder Highway which runs through it, the Boulder Strip has 13 casinos for you to choose from. Including the Sam’s Town Hotel and Gambling Hall, which any The Killers fan can tell you about. 

On average, these 13 casinos pay out 94.34% of your money back. The only downside is these casinos are nearly 7 miles away from the strip, so if you’re staying on the strip, you may not feel it’s worth it to go that far to gamble. But we promise, you’ll feel a lot richer if you head that way.

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