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4 Best Sites to Buy Soundcloud Plays, Likes & Followers

Soundcloud is one of the most important platforms for young artists in the music world. Since the platform is free and features minimum ads, it is one of the most used platforms in this day and age. However, there are a large number of people on the platform which makes being noticed highly difficult. Thus, in this article, we have figured out some ways in which you can increase your reach on Soundcloud. The most important thing is that there is always an option to buy SoundCloud plays. 

However, this cannot be done from just any random site. You have to be careful about the site that you are using while keeping in mind that you have to follow the guidelines given by Soundcloud to ensure you stay out of trouble. Here are some of the best sites to buy SoundCloud plays where you can also buy followers, and likes ethically.

Best Sites to Buy SoundCloud Plays


StarzLand, one of the most established and well-known sites for buying SoundCloud plays, understands the value of having high-quality followers on your account. Depending on the price you are willing to pay, you can choose between free and premium followers.

StarzLand does not require any passwords! Some of the world’s most popular SoundCloud influencers use Starzland on a monthly basis to build social proof on their SoundCloud accounts with high quality SoundCloud plays.

One of the benefits of StarzLand is that it allows you to boost your SoundCloud engagement and online presence for a very low cost. Plays packages can be purchased for as little as $1 or $3.


This is a place that has been a complete promotion platform for various social media sites. It has been known to provide a large number of followers to people in all niches. This not only includes SoundCloud but other musical platforms like Spotify. Therefore, it can be said that they have a strong understanding of how the current music industry is working. They also know what music is trending in what kind of demographic, so they are able to target audiences in a highly specific manner which is rarely provided by any other company. 

The plans provided look something like this- 1k plays for 6 dollars, 2k plays for 12 dollars, and 5k plays for 30 dollars. The plans can go up to 20k plays and more for 90 dollars. They will always ensure that you get the most quality plays, that are coming from real accounts on SoundCloud. This means that they will not make use of any fake, automated accounts which are incapable of providing engagement. Altogether, their services are highly commendable, and of the best quality possible. 

They have a team of experts who know how to make your visibility higher. They have been trained, and educated in the world of social media marketing. Moreover, their experts also come with a strong understanding of music hence they understand the audiences that different genres of music need. Thus, they are some of the most efficient minds at creating a target audience specific to your content.

This is a company which can be called the complete social media hub. They have various promotion packages that cater to all kinds of online platforms. They have been working with big names such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, tick tock, etc. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that they are one of the leading sites when it comes to service providers in the music industry. Hence, they work with SoundCloud as well. 

They offer a large number of plays on SoundCloud. If you want to buy soundcloud likes as well. Then this company should be able to help you as well. You can get any number of places between 2000 and 200,000. Moreover, all of these plans are extremely pocket friendly. The range of prices is between $3 to $72. Therefore, it is easily one of the most cost-efficient companies that is currently working in the industry. 

In order to get promotion, you just have to provide the link of the track that you want to get growing. You will not be required to share any personal information like any sensitive login details or passwords. Moreover they make sure that the payment gateways are kept very safe.


This company clearly is one of the best places where you can buy SoundCloud plays. Moreover, the site is also perfect for people who would like to buy SoundCloud followers. They are the top choice of a large number of users today. They have been working in social media promotion for a long time. Hence, they know all the tactics which are required to sell any music piece to your desired audience.

Like the site mentioned above it also functions in other social media platforms. Therefore, it has a strong understanding of how virtual audiences perform in different areas of virtual media. Due to this experience they are able to specify the marketing approach towards SoundCloud users effectively. Clearly this is a method which is rarely used by many sites. Hence this company stands apart from the rest of its competitors. There are various plans available for this company that suit almost any budget. 

They will ensure that the quality of plays you get is very high. Therefore, if your career needs the right boost at this time, this site will be able to help you out. They have a strong understanding of how audiences react to different kinds of music. 

This is a company that has been dedicating itself to SoundCloud promotions for many years now. Ever since they were conceptualized, they have been working with various social media platforms. Hence, they have garnered years of expertise on how to handle online audiences. They also know the algorithms behind converting listeners to followers, hence they find various ways in which listening audiences can actually convert into followers. 

This is a highly trustworthy site. Moreover, they have the lowest prices within the music field. All such factors make it the best service for people who want to get paid promotion on SoundCloud. They have served thousands of customers, with over million orders till date. Hence this shows that they have had the right exposure to the virtual market even in SoundCloud. They have some cost friendly packages that we have further mentioned. 

Basically, they provide plans which range between 1000 to 10,000 plays on SoundCloud. all of these lie between the price range of $6 and $50. If you would like, you can add additional engagement in the terms of likes, reposts, comments, and so on. 

This is also a site which is considered one of the best when it comes to buying SoundCloud engagement. It has been one of the most recommended sites in the world. And it has been helping people for a decade to maintain the perfect profile within SoundCloud. Every customer that has worked with them has reported that they have massively seen that engagement increase over a short amount of time. Therefore we can consider them not only efficient but also very punctual. 

They also offer a great amount of proficiency. Their work ethic is extremely strict. Hence every project that they take on is committed to with full professionalism. They embrace your music as if it was their own production. Hence, they are invested in you on a personal level. This kind of commitment is rarely found in many other companies. Hence this company stands apart from its rivals as a highly user-friendly service provider. 

Moreover this site has some of the best customer support which is available. They come with a website that ensures great user experience. Hence we are sure that you will have no problem navigating through the various packages, services that they offer. You can also reach them online in case you have any trouble throughout the process. They will ensure that there is always a representative who is able to fix any issues that you might be facing. 


This is one of the oldest sites that we have mentioned on this list. We have been able to track that work record. And we can proudly say that there has not been a single case in which any customer has mentioned any complaints or discrepancies in the work that they have done. Just like the sites mentioned above they maintain a high level of security for the safety of their clients. Thus, they do not ask for personal and sensitive information. 

Moreover, they make sure that the payment gateway is kept extremely safe and SSL encrypted. This means that your account details as well as the login details are kept completely hidden from public eye. they do not use customer details as a point of reference for services and data is treated with complete care. More than anything they are known for the quality of place, likes, and followers that they provide on SoundCloud. They are experts at music. 

They have a team of technical geniuses, who understand that music has to be catered in the right form so that it can be appreciated by the right people. Therefore, to ensure this it is necessary to create the right group of target audience for stop not only this they are able to promote your music on other platforms like Facebook, and Instagram. That the visibility of your content is made available on various places and is not confined to SoundCloud itself. 

Media Mister

SoundCloud is a platform that has been helping a large number of artists to get the music known throughout the world. However, on your own it has become rather difficult to get noticed by consumers. Therefore, when it comes to making you visible on Soundcloud there is no company that does it better than the one we have mentioned above.  Check them out for yourself today! 

They have a strong team of experts who have received special training in music promotion. They ensure that the quality of your content is always kept high in order for people to engage with it in the long term. There is no restriction to the amount of plays, likes, and comments you can buy. However, as the number increases the plans will also subsequently start getting more costly. Although, these are highly flexible, and no matter what your financial constraints are- this company shall be able to serve. 

This site has a very simple walking system. There are four simple steps that you need to follow. First you have to order the number of plays that you would like as per your requirement. After you have placed the order, you will receive a confirmation mail. Following this, they can start promoting you, and results will start reflecting within a few days. They have a retention. Which is guaranteed within their plans. Once you order plays as well as followers on their site we are sure that your account will succeed in remaining active for the long term. 


The site is also considered one of the best when it comes to buying SoundCloud plays. The site has also been used to buy likes as well as followers on SoundCloud. If you use the site then one thing is definitely assured. It is this that you will get short results as well as return on your investment. The site offers a large number of plays varying from 1000 do as much as 50,000 players. As delivered by other sites, add these likes as well as followers are completely authentic and provide real engagement. 

When you are trying to buy plans there shall be 8 different packages that you can avail for stop all of these plans will ensure that you only get the premium quality SoundCloud plays for stop more over the prices are very flexible for stop for instance there are plans that are less than $3 in cost. Moreover these plants can go up to $70.00 that can give you as much as 100,000 plats. They have very user-friendly website where ordering place, likes shall be an easy affair. 

You can easily choose the plan an enter the link within the website. All you have to do is provide the name as well as the link to the song that you would like to buy place for. You will not have to give out any sensitive information that might risk your privacy. Therefore, none of your passwords are made public, or even asked for. Moreover, every plan that you buy has been especially analyzed by the team of experts. 


this is a company which will ensure that all the plays that you buy out of premium as well as high quality. Moreover, they also ensure that these are extremely legitimate and guarantee of full-length duration of playful stop in case you feel that all these requirements are not being met, you can directly contact the company. They have a contact form which is available on the website. Moreover, there is always a representative available on call within their helpline number. If you’d like you can also contact them via Mail. 

Just from the first look it can be easily said that follower packages are one of the best places as well as a professional site to buy SoundCloud plays. If you have many competitors within your genre of music then decide is best for you. They have extremely unique as well as creative plans which are not catered by any other service online. Therefore, the efforts that they put into your promotion are going to be singular and never seen before. 

If you would really like to stand out from the crowd then this is the place that can do the deed for you. There are a total of four plans which you can avail, the first starts at 1000 SoundCloud plays for $10 and this will go up to 20,000 plays that you can get for $55. You can be certain that all of these plays are going to be from real accounts that provide real time engagement. Moreover, the plays and likes can be retained for a long time. Hence, this is one of the best features of the company. 


This company is best for people who have just started their account on SoundCloud. It is because they have an extreme amount of expertise on how to work with new accounts, as well as people who basically have insignificant reach on social media. For budding artists this place has become a great haven. Moreover, there have been a large number of known SoundCloud stars who have made use of their services. Not only this, the company also can revive a profile which has suddenly started to garner less traffic. 

Therefore, if you’re looking for a place where you can revive your profile then this company will do the magic for you. This is a site which is meant exclusively for people who want to stream good music. They can easily create a target audience that is very much interested in the genre that you are working in. They would also use their promotion strategies on other platforms like Spotify and YouTube. Since they have a hold on other social media, their understanding of the virtual world is quite high. 

If you want to buy plays then there are a range of packages that you can pick from. You can buy plays that range between 500 to 200,000. Moreover, the price range is extremely customizable and serves people that have different financial needs. You get the cheapest plan for less than 3 dollars, and the most costly plan goes to about 100 dollars. Clearly, this is something you should be able to afford. 


This is the company which is absolutely different from all of the other phones that we have mentioned in this list. They have made it a point to create a profile as well as an interface which is unique, creative, as well as highly user friendly. You can’t just choose a specific plan here. Instead, they will give you a full-blown wholesome marketing campaign. This campaign will give you different results at different times therefore they are all priced differently. Customers have loved them for that singular approach towards music. 

There are various benefits of using this site for instance and you only get the most authentic place as well as other interaction. Moreover, they only interact with real accounts and do not spam you with fake automated users that do not provide active engagement. Another great thing about them is that they have a retention time of more than 100 days. This is important because such a retention rate naturally makes you rank higher on SoundCloud and will organically increase your viewership on the platform. 

That is a special plan known as the gold plan. It is popularly called the wild jump. This is because it gives your account a certain increase in numbers with 10,000 SoundCloud plays. What is most fascinating is that the plan costs less than $20. Moreover, it will take less than 36 hours for such an increase in followers. 



This is a very well-known site where you can easily buy SoundCloud plays. Moreover, it is considered as one of the best places where you can stream likes, followers, comments for your SoundCloud profile. It is very easy to work with them, and they have a highly user-friendly interface. If you go on their website, you’ll have no problem finding the service that is particular to your needs. The services they provide are specific to their customers, and they have a customized plan for different clients. 

They understand that every genre has its requirements for audiences. Therefore, they plan their packages in a manner that most genres of music can be covered. It is a genuine site and can easily be used by the people who have just begun to use social media. Once you use them, we can guarantee you that you will be able to see a tremendous increase in the number of likes, as well as followers on SoundCloud. 

The main focus is increasing the organic visibility of your account, therefore they tried to play with the algorithm of SoundCloud in a manner that your account is made visible to a large number of people on its own. 

Build My Plays 

This is another site which is considered to be among the best sites of SoundCloud services. They allow you to buy SoundCloud likes, followers, as well as place. If you choose build my place then there is one thing we can assure you about. It is this that you will always have the most legit likes, place. These will also be high in quality therefore your organic reach on various platforms is also going to increase on its own. 

Another important thing that we need to mention is that they have a great turn out rate. They have high quality SoundCloud plays that can be delivered to you in a very short span of time. Build My Plays  also have excellent customer support will stop Moreover they are available 24/7 to any customers. They have numerous testimonials left for them online which prove how efficient their working system really. In case you find yourself stuck in any point of the process, there will always be a representative ready to help you. 

How to Buy Soundcloud Plays? 

All together SoundCloud does not approve of people buying SoundCloud plays. If you do so without being cautious then there is a high chance that the app might ban you. It is also possible that the music you create is made to rank low in its algorithm. If this is something you’re looking to avoid, then here are some ways in which you can safely buy SoundCloud plays- 

  • Choose a reliable service

One of the most important things when you buy soundcloud plays, is that you need to examine the company where you are buying them from. Therefore, not only do you need to check the online reviews and testimonials. But also, you might want to consider getting in touch with one of the former clients to ensure that the services offered are legit.  

The sites we have mentioned above guarantee the success of your music in Soundcloud. They are some of the safest people in the industry, and we are sure you will have a secure experience with them. 

  • Distribute the Plays Evenly

It is not advisable for you to increase your plays all of a sudden in a short period of time. This will likely make your audience suspicious and cause you to lose your credibility. Therefore, you have ensure that the plays you buy get reflected over time. This slow increase will be symbolic of an organic growth in plays which is always more desirable than otherwise. 

  • Buy Likes and Comments 

Only buying plays to increase your worth on Soundcloud is not  an effective strategy. Whenever you buy plays, you also need to buy subsequent comments and likes. These are important to prove to the audience that your content is worth engaging with.  

Moreover, this will also show that people have liked your content enough to give their feedback. These are some of the most important metrics which help you rank higher on Soundcloud organically. 

  • Target Selected Songs 

You cannot follow the spread-out strategy as is recommended for other social media platforms. In case of SoundCloud- you need to focus on 2-3 tracks which will get the maximum number of plays, and so on. Since, the higher the plays- the more you will be known. However, if you are buying large number of plays then you can concentrate small amounts on minor songs, while the larger number can go for the most important tracks. 

How to Increase Soundcloud Plays Organically? 

If you do not want to buy plays on Soundcloud, then you can always choose to use organic methods instead. This means that you employ some web smart methods to get the results you want. Here are some sure tested methods to achieve the same- 


  • Promote your Music on All social media 

It is an obvious, but true advice. The artists who promote their music on platforms other than SoundCloud get much more rates than artists who don’t. Therefore, if you are launching a new track, make sure that you first promote it on places like Instagram, or Facebook. This will increase your visibility and make you more prominent among your viewers. 

  • Create Good Content

It goes without saying that unless your music is good, no audience will connect with it. Therefore, one of the first things that you need to keep in mind on Soundcloud is that you have to create music that is worth engaging with. Therefore, you need to understand what your audience wants and always put your best foot forward. 

In case your music is good, people will engage with it in forms of comments, or likes. This means that even organically the performance of your account will increase manifold. This will lead Soundcloud to put your content on a higher ranking within its own algorithm as well.  

  • Leverage Yourself

This simply means that you have to make use of all tools possible to increase the visibility you have online. It could include adding links at relevant places, making a website about your music, connecting with playlist creators, or collaborating with bigger icons. 

The main point here is that you need to go to a place that has a higher command over the audience. This doesn’t have to be within Soundcloud. It can easily be outside SoundCloud as well. One of the most effective ways is to collaborate with influencers on bigger platforms like Instagram.  


Soundcloud is no longer the breezy place it was at the beginning. The app is overflowing with content and music from budding musicians all over the globe. Therefore, there is a lot of material for people to explore at once. With so much content, the audiences are overwhelmed with the things they can explore. 

As a result, getting noticed on the platform has become a daunting task. If you also want to gain popularity within this app, then we are sure the sites above will be able to help you out. Make sure you have a look!

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