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Playing the lottery is something most of us do on a weekly basis, sometimes twice weekly. Here's the best lottery winning scenes in film and TV.

The Best Lottery Winning Scenes in Film and TV

Playing the lottery is something most of us do on a weekly basis, sometimes twice weekly. Choosing our numbers in the hope of landing a life-changing win only adds to the excitement. Despite statistics suggesting we’re more likely to be murdered multiple times over compared to winning the lottery jackpot, we still do it. Well, you can’t win unless you’re in. 

Winning the lottery has enthralled screenwriters and directors over many years, however, not all lottery-themed films and television series hit the jackpot with their audiences. Even so, they’ve made a permanent mark on cinema history. From online lotto sites as seen on to instant wins, take a look at the most memorable instances of big wins on the screen below.

Just the Ticket

A popular soap opera in the UK tried its hand at a winning lottery scene back in the summer of 2015. We kid you not. Focusing on the lives of ordinary residents in the east end of London, Eastenders saw a loveable duo hit the big time on an instant win style game. 

Alfie Moon, a comic of the street couldn’t believe his eyes when his scratchcard revealed a win of £1,000,000. Stacey Slater, his niece through marriage, waltzes in to find him and his wife Kat starring in amazement. Uttering the words “We’ve won a million pounds”, Alfie starts to scream! We think the whole of the UK joined in with their celebrations too!

A Winning Ticket

In 2010, Lottery Ticket graced our screens with more rappers than a top 40 chart show! Bow Wow took up the role as down-on-his-luck Kevin who was living with his grandmother in a not-so desirable district. One day, Kevin has this idea of buying a lottery ticket and low and behold, he only goes and scoops $370 million. (If you’re wishing you can find yourself in the same position as Kevin, you can try for yourself.)

In a comic turn of events, the lottery office is closed for the weekend of the 4th of July. Will he be able to keep his new-found wealth a secret from his friends – and his enemies – for three days?

Rapping it In

Eight years prior to Lottery Ticket hitting the cinema screens, Bow Wow found himself in yet another lottery themed movie, this time with two other famous rappers: Ice Cube ad Mike Epps. The focus of the movie was predominantly on Tyson (Ice Cube), a disillusioned bounty hunter. 

After teaming up with known con-artist Reggie (Mike Epps), the pair go on an entertaining adventure to retrieve diamonds and a winning lottery ticket all for themselves. 

He the Man!

Family Guy is one hell of an animated comedy. If it were to be represented by a color, it would be blue, what with all the colorful language. Peter Griffin, the man of the house, decided to spend every cent he owned (and that of his families) on lottery tickets. One of those tickets came up as a winner and the Griffins became millionaires overnight! 

Known for his reckless actions, Peter decided he hated his newfound fortune and he along with the family blew the winnings within a week – but why? Because he wanted to go back to a normal (ish) way of life.

Just a Little Tip

Movie fanatics will certainly remember It Could Happen to You, the 90’s rom-com classic starring Nicholas Cage, Rosie Perez, and Bridget Fonda. The starring role sees Nicholas Cage playing a small-time NYC cop who goes to a local diner. 

Once there, the cop realizes he doesn’t have enough to leave a tip. Undeterred by this, he shows the waitress his lottery ticket and vows to split his winnings (if any) with her on the next drawing. 

You’ll not be surprised to learn that his numbers come up and that ticket nets him a cool $4 million. Does Charlie keep his word? You bet he does and splits the winnings with the waitress. However, his wife isn’t exactly pleased when she finds out.

Mates Rates

Friends is no doubt one of the most popular television comedy series to date. Even now, many, many years after the final airing of the show, fans are calling on bosses to bring Jennifer Aniston (Rachel Green), Courtney Cox (Monica Geller), Matthew Perry (Chandler Bing), Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe Buffay), Matt LeBlanc (Joey Tribbiani) and David Schwimmer (Ross Geller) back to our screens.

In an episode called “The One with the Lottery”, Phoebe visits a psychic who predicts she will win the lottery so off she goes to buy some tickets. After telling her mates, they all start to quarrel over how the winnings should be spent. Fed up of all the bickering Phoebe throws away the tickets. Did she win? We’ve no idea!

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