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6 Advantages of Fiber Optic Internet: Why It’s the Future of High-Speed Connectivity

Who doesn’t use the internet nowadays? We use the internet for every activity that we do. We use the internet to conduct research needed for our school project. We use the internet when we need to communicate with people from work. 

We also use internet for our entertainment. We watch movies, read our favorite stories, and enjoy other things on the internet. 

Since there are advances in technologies, home internet services are not exempted. Traditional internet speeds such as DSL can no longer keep up with our needs. That is why fiber optic internet came into the picture. In today’s article we will talk about what optic fiber internet is, its advantages and why it’s the future of high speed connectivity. 

What Benefits Do I Gain From Using Fiber Optic Internet?

  • Maintaining Security Is Not a Challenge

We have said in the introduction that everything we do requires the assistance of internet. Since we do everything on the internet, it is only normal for us to be anxious about our safety. We need to be careful in using the internet specially if we are exchanging sensitive data such as birthdays, bank account numbers, and many more. 

If we are going to look at the numbers, ransomware attacks have been rampant in the half of 2022. In fact, there were around 236.1 billion ransomware attacks during the said period. 

One way to avoid cyberattacks is by detecting them early. Unlike traditional connections that can easily be tapped without detection, it is the opposite with fiber internet speed. 

When you have fiber internet speed, it would be more difficult to tap into your connection. It would be harder to penetrate as there are no electric signals detected during the exchange. 

With fiber, you can be more assured that the data you transfer through the internet is safe and secured. Data leakage is not something to be anxious for with fiber connection. It is a step toward a more safe internet surfing. 

  • Say Goodbye to Slow and Laggy Streams

We love to stream videos on the internet. Are you the kind to wait for the latest episode of your favorite kdrama? Want to spend the day playing online games? It would be much easier to enjoy if the internet is faster. 

It would be frustrating to watch a kdrama if it lags on a cliffhanger, right? With fiber’s spectrum internet plans and packages, you do not need to be frustrated over your favorite show stopping in the middle. 

This is because instead of using electric current, fiber uses light to transmit data. Using light means that you would be able download at the speed of at least 10gbps. May it be your favorite show or updating your latest game, it would be just a breeze because of the fast connection with fiber. 

  • Rainy Days? Not a Problem!

We all hate rainy days. Yes we can stay at home during these kinds of weather but we cannot enjoy staying in if our internet connection would not cooperate. Whenever there are harsh conditions, we would need to call our satellite internet providers because our internet becomes slow. 

Just like our header, rainy days would truly not be a problem if you have fiber connection. Allow us to explain a little bit the reason why. Since fiber uses light beams to transfer data and there are advancements in technology, fiber wires are more durable. They would be able to withstand harsh weather conditions. 

If you have fiber connection, you can enjoy the relaxation of staying. Be cozy in your room and stream your favorite tv shows. 

  • Long Distances Become Reachable

We connect with our loved ones all over the world. There are families who physically cannot get together during special occasions such as graduations and birthdays. Internet makes the distance shorter. 

However, the longer the distance, the greater the challenges. There might be instances wherein your cable tv providers experience signal losses with great distances. 

Fiber optics can carry data over long distances. It could carry data with minimal or no sginal losses at all. With no signal interference, families separated geographically would not have have trouble in being a part of an important occasion. The family would still bond despite distances. 

  • Conferences Are a Breeze

Eversince the pandemic started, the concept of working from home is not new to us. Although some are already back to their offices, there are workers who still work from the comfort of their homes. 

With fiber, you would no longer require internet assist if your internet slows down during important work conferences. This is because fober connections have low latenices. Latency refers to how fast data is transmitted and exchanged. If you have low latency, you can fully understand your conference. 

Having low latency is also excellent when you are playing games. Low latency gives a smoother game experience. You would not feel frustrated when you accidentally die because of slow internet connection. You would be able to communicate with your teammates and win every battle. 

  • The Perfect Addition to Your High Resolution TV

If we are going to look at our homes, you would notice a lot of changes when it comes to the appliances. Let us take the TV for example. We already said goodbye to TVs that have big backs. Most homes now use flat screen TVs. 

In addition to flat screen TVs, TVs have gone lots of changes and they can now support 4k resolution. There are actually 108 million units of 4k TVs sold. What a way to take the cinema right into your home. However, if you have a 4k resolution TV, your internet connection should also be able to handle it. 

Since your TV uses a higher resolution, it would mean that it would require a powerful connection. A cable tv provider with less than 100mbps, cannot give you the satisfaction of watching from a 4k resolution TV. 

If you use fiber, you would be able to enjoy the price you paid for your TV. a fiber connection running 500mpbs would not have any trouble giving you that 4k resolution you paid for. You would enjoy watching your movies and TV shows with your family without experiencing any delays. 

Fiber Internet: The Speed You Never Knew You Needed

Gone are the days when we need to suffer poor internet connection during extreme weather conditions. The advancements in technologu have brought us the future of high speed connectivity which fiber optic internet.

Why we say that fiber is the future of high speed connectivity? Let us summarize it in 6 advantages. With fiber, you do not need to worry about data leakage as it can easily detect any attacks or taps within your connection. You won’t need to experience laggy streams, games, and conferences anymore. Extreme weather conditions are not your enemy this time around. 

You also would be able to communicate with your loved throughout the world. You can catch up anytime you want without any signal losses. Also, make watching movies and series with the family a sunday night bonding when you pair your 4k resolution TV with fiber. 

With the advantages mentioned in the article, i think that we can say that fiber is flexible. It is flexible as it can adjust to what the user needs. They can adjust whether you need to attend a conference, binge watch your kdrama, play games, and many more. 

You may want to switch to fiber now that you are aware of its advantages. Change isn’t always for the bad. Changing your internet might be the thing you are looking for. You can do more with fiber connection. Let the future of internet guide you to what you want to achieve. 


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