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Get Out star Daniel Kaluuya to be honored at Palm Springs Film Festival The Palm Springs Film Festival is to present actor Daniel Kaluuya with the Creative Impact Award

Woah! Look at all these ch-ch-changes! Hollywood is in the middle of a grand transitory period, spurred on by such developments as the Weinstein scandal through to the

Today we’ve got another edition in the timeless classic that we’re dubbing: men continue to suck. It seems that the sexual harassment scandal that broke with Harvey Weinstein

George Clooney to tackle Watergate series for Netflix Netflix is in talks to scoop up Watergate, an eight-episode limited series from George Clooney and Bridge of Spies scribe Matt

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past few months, it’s likely that you’ll have read about the ongoing scandal tearing Hollywood apart at the seams.

Because the world is an awful place and men continue to suck, an almighty torrent of stories surrounding sexual harassment in the entertainment industry have flooded out. Just

Everything’s entered a state of flux. Hollywood is dealing with the consequences of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, as more and more allegations are levied against those in positions

The “casting couch” was Weinstein’s office; former mogul hit by new class action suit It’s another day – meaning another new development in the Harvey Weinstein scandal. The disgraced

Make it so; Quentin Tarantino and J.J. Abrams to team up on Star Trek flick? Quentin Tarantino is planning to boldly go where no man has gone before –