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HBO's 'The Vow' gives us more disturbing facts about the NXIVM cult with each episode. Discover the latest, most disturbing revelations.

Are you keeping up with HBO's 'The Vow'? Relive the most bizarre stories to emerge from the NXIVM cult and discover how they got out.

HBO has brought us inside the craziness that is NXIVM with the new documentary 'The Vow'. Here's the craziest takeaways from the doc.

Do you want to take a look inside the NXIVM cult? Discover HBO's docuseries 'The Vow' and see how deep they'll go into the cult's workings.

With most of the major players involved in the NXIVM brand either in jail or awaiting sentencing, is the brand still alive? If so, who's running NXIVM?

Everyone by now has heard the horror stories of NXIVM and their secret cult. But what crimes did the brand actually commit over the years?