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The second season of 'American Gods' premiered on March 10th. Here are the highlights of everything you might have missed from this nation of immigrants.

If you’re a budding or built Western filmmaker, below you’ll find a list of some of the best Western movies and TV show scripts for you to download

Welcome (back) to fucking Deadwood, ladies and gentlemen! After years of rumors, speculation, and a whole heap of well-wishing from fans, HBO is finally and officially moving forward

Complain all you want about bad guys – secretly we all love to hate a solid TV villain. Here’s our ranking of who we think are the eleven

As we prepare for the return of 'American Horror Story' and reflect on those of the past, we figured it’s time to organize our feelings for the show

While the rest of the world appears to be doing cartwheels over a very cryptic announcement concerning HBO’s confirmed 'Game of Thrones' prequel, we’ve been over here drinking

It feels like an absolute age since we got to enjoy all the batshit insanity of Starz’s beautifully bonkers 'American Gods'. With S2 slated to start next year,

If you’re a big lover of dark fantasy, macabre sci-fi visions, and absurdist storytelling capable of blowing your mind clean into an undiscovered cosmos, you must be a

Already addicted to American Gods? Lucky for us, Starz has renewed the show for a second season. It’s not a surprising announcement. Yes, while only three episodes of the