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The outrage against the latest Netflix release 'Cuties' has people calling it Netflix's worst movie. But is it truly the worst thing Netflix released?

Why is Netflix being indicted for 'Cuties'? Here is the latest news on Netflix's legal problems over this controversial film.

'Cuties' has upset numerous people with its dangerously mature imagery & themes. Here’s why Cuties could be the worst Netflix original film ever created.

Netflix’s film 'Cuties' has created a storm of controversy over the hypersexualization of children. Here's why Netflix should pull the film.

The day after 'Cuties' debuted, #CancelNetflix and #BoycottNetflix was trending on social media. Here are some more problematic Netflix Original movies.

The new Netflix movie 'Cuties' has received a lot of social media attention. These are the most WTF moments we've had.

Netflix has come under criticism for their marketing of the new French movie 'Cuties', scheduled for release in 2020. Is Netflix marketing to pedophiles?