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Adoption of EVs (Electric Vehicles) is gaining momentum in India, and with this the need for smooth and efficient public chargers is increasing. Here, multiple charge point operators are coming up aggressively, all with a mission to provide convenient and reliable charging solutions. 

But, with the adoption of modern technology comes new challenges. From locating a reliable Electric Vehicle Charging Station to starting charging, the process seems daunting for any new EV user. 

Here is a comprehensive guide for Charging your EV in a public EV charging station. 

1- Finding the right Electric Vehicle Charging Station 

Before taking your EV for a long trip, you should plan. One of the most significant things to consider while riding an EV is maintaining charge between 20-80%. It will help you ride stress-free and eliminate range anxiety. 

There are multiple Charging Apps from which you can locate the available EV Charging Stations. A few of these are Statiq, Plug Share, EV Plugs, etc. You can plan your route as per the availability of public EV charging stations.

2- Understand Charger Type 

Once you have arrived at the Electric Vehicle Charging Station, choose the right Connector type. The distinct types of connectors are Type 2 Connector, CCS2 Gun, CHAdeMO, and Bharat DC Fast Charger. You need to know which connector is compatible with your EV. Here, as per the power of the EV Charger, you can determine your charging time. 

3- Follow Charging Etiquette

If you charge in a step-by-step manner, you can have a safe charging experience. These include – 

  • Park your car in the EV charging lane. 
  • Pull the hand brake bar to lock and exit the vehicle. 
  • Lock the door of the EV before initiating charging. 
  • Insert the correct connector to your EV. 
  • Start Charging 

With charging apps like Statiq, you can choose your required charging percentage, allowing you to charge as per your convenience and time availability. Additionally, with its real-time charging status, you are notified once eyour charging is complete.  

Once the charging is complete, remove the gun carefully and plug it back into the holder area. Now, Leave the parking area once charging is complete and make it available for others to charge.

Finally, do not hesitate to ask for help. In case of issues like the gun getting stuck, a failed/ stuck payment transaction, charging process not initiating do not press the emergency button on the charger, recite to calling the available customer support number in the EV Charging Station.

With the growing EV Charging network, embrace the future of green mobility. Follow these tips and enjoy your EV Charging journey ahead.