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Robert Pattinson is back! We’ve done the research and here are all the possible ways you can watch 'The Batman' for free online. 

All the ways you can watch ‘The Batman’ online for free

Who would have imagined that the vampire with fragile masculinity driving a Volvo in 2008 would be starring in The Batman in 2022? Even though the Twilight Saga has become marvelous material to watch ironically, Robert Pattinson has shown to be a tremendous actor. Damsel (2018), High Life (2018), and The Lighthouse (2019) are only a few of his great acting performances.

This version of Batman by director Matt Reeves is definitely a worth-watching movie even if you’re not a superhero fan. It all starts when a sadistic serial killer called Enigma starts murdering Gotham’s top political figures and Batman is forced to investigate the city’s hidden corruption. Before The Batman was released several conspiracy theories about it becoming a trilogy started. But, is it? 

The Batman passed through theaters around a month ago, enough time to rewatch it already or to watch it for the first time if you haven’t yet. Definitely, there’s something special about watching films and TV shows online for free, it must be some kind of fetish to few and a need to many. We’ve done the research and here are all the possible ways you can watch The Batman for free online. 

HBO Max or Hulu?

Even though there’s no feeling in the world that compares to getting something for free, if you’re already paying for a streaming platform you need to know this. Remember film distribution in streaming platforms is all about the producer it was made through. In this case, The Batman was a Warner Bros production, which makes the audience expect it to eventually arrive on HBO Max someday.

Believe it or not, this time Hulu takes the win and The Batman will be available on the platform in September 2022. Nevertheless, platforms like Netflix, Disney, and Amazon Prime are also good places to watch this movie, each of them has different prices & conditions. Yet, have in mind several streaming platforms count on a free trial period you can use to watch your favorite shows & movies online for free. 


This website is a tremendous classic, the truth is it holds a lot of great movies & T.V. shows you can watch entirely for free. As in all free online streaming platforms, several ads will appear, yet, this is something you can easily avoid by closing them. It’s a little sad to say this, but there’s nothing entirely free, so every time an ad pops remember you’re watching great content without paying a dollar. 


This Argentinian website has saved millions of lives becoming a classic to stream your favorite popular movies & T.V shows. The truth is that The Batman is a box office hit, so it won’t be hard to find it online for free. Get worried whenever you want to stream a weird festival movie, these ones are hard to find even on paid streaming platforms, yet, consider using Mubi. 


If you have listened to it but don’t actually understand it, let’s talk about Reddit. Reddit is a social bookmarking and news aggregator website known for its communities & discussion groups. Yet, users can add text, images, videos, and links, so, there’s a great possibility for you to find movies there or at least a community that will share a link where to. 

Also, users of this platform can vote on the content, and this can truly help you find the best place to stream your favorite movies & T.V. shows online for free. If you like discussing movies this can also be a good place to do it, the same goes for sports and other kinds of content. 

Haven’t you watched The Batman yet? What are you waiting for after reading this list?

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