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Spider-Man No Way Home is finally here. Discover how to stream the new Marvel blockbuster online for free.

How can you stream every ‘Spider-Man’ movie online for free?

Can you list all the Spider-Man movies by heart? If you do, then you’re definitely a Spider-Man fan or just a well-informed person in popular culture. Still, the point is Marvel superhero stories are becoming uncountable, as well as the urge from fans to re-watch them. Yet, the eternal question remains the same: where can you watch the movies for free? Here’s everything you need to know. 

However, when it comes to Spider-Man, we’re already talking about a “Spider-Verse”. Also, several decades have passed from the first movie to the last one, which is Spider-Man: No Way Home, starring our favorite couple Tom Holland & Zendaya. Every time there’s a reboot of something, the nostalgia that comes with it pulses the desire to rewatch the original versions. 

In the case of Spider-Man, nostalgia isn’t the only situation that’s pulling people to look for the entire series. The fact the story is getting so complex somehow makes fans want to rewatch them all and look for key pieces. Also, comparing the movies between them can be a fun thing to do, not only on their storyline and how entertaining they are but on their cast too. 

Original Spider-Man storyline

In order to have a small recap, there are currently nine Spider-Man movies. Which are Spider-Man volumes I, II, and III, released from 2022 to 2007. The Amazing Spider-Man (2012), with its second part (2014), Spider-Man Homecoming from 2017, followed by Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse (2018).

In 2019, Tom Holland became the lead actor in Spider-Man: Far From Home and it stayed that way with Spider-Man: No Way Home from 2021. Have you thought about who’s your favorite Spider-Man from all the live-action movies? Is it Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield, or Tobey Maguire? The truth is they’re all good.

Before telling you all the hacks to watch the Spider-Man movies for free online, let’s make a brief rewind on its original storyline. As you might know, Spider-Man wasn’t always a movie, it actually started being a comic book in 1962. Written by Stan Lee and illustrated by Steve Ditko, Spider-Man was created as a filler story on a canceled anthology series. 

Believe it or not, superhero stories were unheard of in comics & books, in fact, Spider-Man was one of the first ones to make readers respond powerfully. Even the people who haven’t watched any Spider-Man movies must know the long story starts with an American teenager bitten by a radioactive spider. Nevertheless, instead of a lethal poison, the spider provided strength, speed, and agility to Peter Parker.

Where to watch all Spider-Man movies

Fortunately, unlike independent films, Spider-Man movies are easy to stream almost everywhere due to the fact that they’re all box office hits. Yet it can be tricky when it comes to online paid streaming services. Taking  Disney+ as an example, it counts on several Marcel movies, but it currently doesn’t include the Spider-Man films. Instead, you can rent them through Amazon Video, Vudu, Youtube, or Apple T.V. 

Certainly, it all depends on the specific movie you want to stream and the fact that their availability might change with time. However, in general, you can stream the Spider-Man movies through Furbo, Direct TV, TNT, TBS, Spectrum on Demand, and TruTV. You can also go to our beloved 123 Movies to stream Spider-Man 2 for free, as well as Spider-Man: No Way Home

Spider-Man: Homecoming can be streamed from Hulu, as well as other Marvel movies, keep in mind you can always do the free trial. Also, Putlockers & Cuevana are free streaming sites, full of ads obviously, where you can stream many Spider-Man movies, just keep in mind their availability changes. If you’re a movie fan, use Reddit, if the video of the movie you want isn’t there, you’ll surely find a link to stream it.

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