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Putlocker is a popular destination for online streaming fans. Is this streaming service safe for people to watch movies and shows?

Is Putlockers Safe And Legal For Streaming Movies & TV Shows?

Putlocker is a popular destination for online streaming fans. Here you will find lots of copyrighted content which don’t have any permission. That’s why a question is circulating among the fans “Is Putlockers safe and legal for streaming movies & TV shows?”. 

The answer is Putlocker is safe to use. We already mentioned that Putlocker has a lot of illegal content. If you open any illegal file accidentally, you may get a legal warning, but it depends on your local laws. Some countries allow piracy and don’t charge for that. Others have strict laws against piracy. 

If your country has no law against piracy, then you can use this site tension-freely. So, what if your country has a strong piracy law? Actually, it isn’t hard to browse illegal sites safely. That thing is also the same for the Putlocker. 

Luckily, you will find various VPN services to ensure safety. But, keep in mind that try to go for a high-quality VPN for protection. Putlocker faced various attempts of blocking or shutting down over the years. But, it is still in the internet world by changing the URL several times.

VPN’s encryption facility keeps your identity hidden, hence the ISP can’t monitor our activity. 

We don’t recommend using a VPN only for hiding your identity; instead, you can keep yourself safe from malicious banner ads and pop-ups.

Why do you use Putlocker?

Indeed, the way of media digestion has changed in the last ten years. Before that, we need to borrow a CD or DVD from the shop or friend. Now, you can easily download or watch anything online. 

You will find Netflix, YouTube for enjoying video content. But those demand a higher price. Alternatively, you can use Putlocker which is a cheaper alternative. Here you will find your favorite content. But, the fact is Putlocker has geographical restrictions. Don’t worry, there are multiple ways to avoid that restriction. 

Putlocker has gained enormous popularity after its release. Interestingly, this platform has become a major destination for watching the newest movies, TV shows, and documentaries. It gets a good amount of visitors from the USA, UK, India, Australia and so on daily. Assuming that, many users don’t care about the risk of accessing this streaming site.  

Interestingly, Putlocker became 250 in the most-viewed websites on the internet, in 2016. Specifically, in the USA, Putlocker became 150 in the top-viewed list. 

Do You Know the Law regarding Putlocker?

Actually, using the Putlocker isn’t illegal. Here lie various pirated contents which have no permission. That’s why, some countries like the UK, USA, and Australia counted it as illegal based on their local law. 

UK’s court gave a block order for the Putlocker in 2016 because of the pirated content. But, still, you will find its operation. Putlocker hosted all the contents using the 3rd party servers. Putlocker has no affiliation with the host. Interestingly, UK users still use this site creatively without being detected. 

Could you enjoy free movies and TV shows on Putlocker?

Yes, you can enjoy any of your desired content on the Putlocker. Putlocker has over 5000 contents which are categorized into 25 sections. Those sections are movie, animation, documentary, and so on. You can easily create an account on this site to enjoy its content. 

Security Tools To Use With Putlocker

If you are a frequent visitor of Putlocker, you can use some tools to ensure privacy, security, and anonymity. Let’s see which tool keeps you safe in Putlocker. 

  • VPN Connection

You hopefully get that the Putlocker has some security threats. You can counter any of those threats using the VPN service. VPN encrypts the user’s identity, hence the ISP can’t detect the IP address. Various renowned VPNs are ready to give you blissful security service. You can easily choose any. 

  • Antivirus Software

Having professional antivirus software is, hopefully, great for the Putlocker site user. When you access different websites using the internet, malware or other malicious programs can affect your PC. Antivirus software counters that security threat and cleans those infected files. We recommend using well-known antivirus software and keeping that updated. 

  • Ad-Blocker

Putlocker typically generates income by the advertisement, that’s why you will face too many advertisements. Most of the Putlocker users complain they face undesired advertisements on the Putlocker site. To get rid of that, you can use ad-blockers. Ad-blocker will keep the advertisement display minimal. 

  • Pop-up Blocker

Pop-up Blocker is another acceptable tool to keep your Putlocker browsing session advertisement-free. 

Is it Dangerous to Use the Putlocker?

Putlocker has a lot of pirated content that isn’t legal to use in some countries. Plus, this site has malicious viruses and unwanted advertisements. Despite that, this site is safe to use.  

When you reach the original Putlocker’s website, you will see various pop-up mirrors and copies. Some hosts of the mirror may have ill intentions. Don’t think that all the mirrors have ill intentions. If you face any such mirror, the virus could affect your computer. 

This warning is for those who browse Putlocker without ensuring safety. Don’t worry, you can easily counter those warnings and browse Putlocker safely. Also, try to follow the following rules. 

  • Don’t click on the pop-up ads
  • When you see forced redirects, try to stop that. 
  • Don’t download any content from Putlockers.


Although Putlocker isn’t a legal site to browse freely, it is incredible after ensuring the right safety. After that, you could discover tons of content, paying nothing. But, our recommendation is to use our mentioned safety measures to stay safe. That’s all from us on “Is Putlockers Safe And Legal For Streaming Movies & TV Shows”.

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