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Paying for all the streaming platforms is impossible for most people, but there are hacks. Do you want to watch 'Euphoria's' season finale online for free?

How can you watch ‘Euphoria”s season finale online for free?

If you haven’t watched Euphoria season two, this might be the sign to start doing it. We’ll tell you why & how. Looking for a way to stream Euphoria online for free actually makes more sense on its final episodes. You’re not delayed, it’s the perfect timing. Asking a friend for their account password is definitely the easiest option, but it can be tricky because they possibly want to use it too. 

The 21 century’s biggest economic struggle of the young would end up being to pay for every streaming platform. An increase in streaming services now requires more subscriptions in order to watch the most exciting movie releases & T.V. shows. Having one or even two streaming platforms might not be impossible. But, we end up needing at least more than five of them to watch the best shows, and that’s expensive. 

You can always stream by torrenting online, but we’re not encouraging you to do anything illegal. There are also several pages on the internet where you can watch your favorite shows, but they’re usually not safe for your computer and tend to have obscene ads. 

Ideally, we should all pay for the T.V. shows & movies, but it’s not always an option. So, set an alarm to cancel a free trial because that’s the safest thing to do. 

More than a show of teenagers

All generations grow up having a T.V. show that marks discourses & aesthetics about the complicated but fun life of the young. Remember Skins? The British show of Jamie Britain & Brian Elsley portrays the life of a group of young adults in Bristol. Plenty of fans have compared both series. One of the characters’ names is Cassie too, and she’s also a blond girl. 

We’re not saying Euphoria is a copy of Skins, they’re located in different places, stories are distant, and Euphoria was created more than ten years later. However, these two shows portray what being young means, and get to do it with a level of sensibility that lights up how complex it is to become an adult. Dedicating an episode for each of the characters is definitely a success in both of the shows. 

There are fears & wounds behind all our behaviors, but when it comes to cinema, characters are not always well depicted, especially in young dramas. In Euphoria, we don’t only get to look at glittery makeup and parties full of bathroom sex, drug relapses, and violent fights. We also get to see the background. A childish Rue watching her father die, a self-conscious Kat, and a vulnerable Fezco. 

Smeared glitter, camming paid with crypto, and a trans character who doesn’t spin around being trans, are some contemporary insights that make Euphoria great. Even though all characters are always archetypical because so is life, this show has a well-written story with a captivating aesthetic, that goes farther than just being a teen drama. 

How to stream Euphoria online for free?

HBO Max is the official platform to stream Euphoria and there are two main plans offered. There’s an ad-supported plan for $9.99 per month and an ad-free plan for $14.99 per month. What we recommend is to start a free trial, these always vary in length. However, there’s an HBO Max free trial Q&A web page that can help you get the current information about the streaming plans & promotions. 

This is why getting a free trial when the whole series was released has its benefits, at this point you can organize to watch the entire show in the trial period. Sadly, they’re usually not that long to watch all the releases for free. Nevertheless, if at this point you start considering contracting HBO, a yearly subscription is what we recommend, because it might save you up to $20 from the monthly price. 

No matter how or when you end up watching Euphoria online, as an updated post-modern human, you definitely should. 

How are you streaming Euphoria’s season two finale? Tell us in the comments below!


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