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The Masters 2022 live golf free streams: watch every birdie and bogey from where you are now, dont miss pls?2022 The Masters live stream: how to watch the golf at Augusta for free!2022 Masters streaming: How to watch the Masters online

‘2022 Masters’ live free streams: how to watch the golf at~Augusta

The Masters 2022 will take place get live golf free streams from Thursday, April 07, 2022, to Sunday, April 10, 2022, at Augusta National Golf Club, Augusta, Georgia. How to watch the Masters on TV, live television coverage will be split between ESPN and CBS. ESPN.

Watch Free Online The Masters Golf 2022 Live Stream

The 86th edition of the iconic event will be held from 7-10 April. CBS will coverage Masters Tournament Round 3 and 4 from Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia, USA. So you can watch Masters Golf 2022 live stream online through Paramount Plus.

Unlike the rest of the major championships, there are no qualifying tournaments or alternates for the Masters which is an invitation event and the most exclusive of the four majors.

The top 50 in the world are automatically invited along with former winners and recent champions and high finishers at professional and amateur tournaments. The Masters 2022 will once again bring up the hype for all golf lovers around the world.

When do the Masters start?

The Masters starts on Thursday, April 7, and will finish on Sunday, April 10. It is possible to watch live coverage of both the Practice Round, Par 3 Contest, and the Tournament Round.

Where are the Masters held?

The Masters is held at Augusta National Golf Club.  Augusta is in Georgia, about 250km east of Atlanta, and has hosted the Masters every year since 1934. The par score for a round is 72, with the distance of the course adding up to 7,475 yards (6,385 kilometeres).

During the Masters, the grounds welcome 12,000 spectators per day. However, tickets are much sought-after, and getting into the tournament is extremely difficult.

Some golf fans opt to volunteer at the tournament to increase their chances of watching the game up-close. Augusta requires around 700 volunteers per year. If you don’t fancy struggling to get a ticket for the event or submitting an application to volunteer, your best option is to live to stream the Masters from home!

Masters Tournament 2022 Prize Money

As per reports, the purse money for the 2022 Masters Tournament is the same as last year which is $11.5 million. Tiger Woods would look to win this tournament and pocket the winner’s prize money of 2.07 million. There will be roughly 87 professionals taking part in this year’s tournament and the breakdown of their prize money is as follows.

Position Amount

  • Winner: $2,070,000.
  • Second Place: $1,193,400
  • Third Place: $751,400
  • Fourth Place: $530,400
  • Fifth Place: $442,000
  • Sixth Place: $397,800
  • Seventh Place: $370,175
  • Eighth Place: $342,550

Augusta National Golf Course overview

As we know, all golf courses are not created equal. That includes the Augusta National Golf Course which has been hosting Masters Tournament since 1958. 

It is undeniable that Augusta National Golf Club is a familiar place for all golf fans. The first major championship that happens this year will also take place in the course. 

The insight of the professionals has helped the organizers in Augusta National Golf Course to improve the quality of the course so that they will be able to present much better entertainment as time goes by. There are 18 holes that will be challenging the participants in the Masters 2022 to overcome.

 Masters Golf 2022 Course, Field & Format


 I mentioned that there are no courses created equal. The Augusta National championship setup itself was lengthened in recent years. The current setup is 520 yards, longer than the 2001 course.


Almost the same as the other majors, it has four rounds at 18 holes each. The competition will span from Thursday through Sunday when there are no delays. Augusta is a relatively small field for professionals, compared to other golf tournaments where there are 36 holes.


 The invitations are now from the events on the PGA Tour. The field is filled with the contenders from the top 12 plus ties from Masters, top 4 from the US Open, Open Championship, as well as PGA championship.

2022 Masters Golf Week Schedule

It is a few days away from the 2022 Masters Golf. The week schedule starts on Monday, April 04 and it will be finished on Sunday, April 10. Pre-tournament events will be started from Monday, April 04 to Wednesday, April 07. Here is The Masters 2022 US TV schedule:

 Wednesday, April 6

  • Par 3 Contest — noon-3 pm ET on ESPN Plus
  • Par 3 Contest — 3-5 pm ET on ESPN Plus

 Thursday, April 7

  • ESPN Plus and Masters Live coverage — starts at 8:45 am ET
  • Live first-round coverage — 3-7:30 pm ET on ESPN/ESPN Deportes
  • Replay — 8-11 pm ET on ESPN
  • Highlights — 11:35 pm ET on CBS

Friday, April 8

  • ESPN Plus and Masters Live coverage — starts at 8:45 am ET
  • Live second-round coverage — 3-7:30 pm ET on ESPN/ESPN Deportes
  • Replay — 8-11 pm ET on ESPN
  • Highlights — 11:35 pm ET on CBS

Saturday, April 9

  • ESPN Plus and Masters Live coverage — starts at 10:15 am ET
  • Live third-round coverage — 3-7 pm ET on CBS

Sunday, April 10

  • ESPN Plus and Masters Live coverage — starts at 10:15 am ET
  • Live final round coverage — 2-7 pm ET on CBS


Masters Tournament is for Augusta National Golf Club members. General viewers are not allowed in the course. So the rest of the people have to rely on TV or online to watch The Masters 2022 live stream.

 We have covered every single detail on watching 2022 Masters live without cable and even with cable. We also included free streaming options. Fans can follow that guideline to watch Masters Tournament without any hassle.

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