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Looking to watch the Masters Tournament this year? Here's what you need to know about catching a live stream of the events.

Watch The Masters Golf 2020 Live Reddit Stream: Tiger Woods Live Free, Tournament Leaderboard in Augusta

Tiger Woods Play in this masters golf: So The 2020 Masters features a field with some of the best golfers on the planet, including Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson, Jon Rahm, and Brooks Koepka, taking on Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Ga. With click to watch free online streams from ESPN and CBS in their apps and websites, you have no excuse to miss a minute of the action.

Click To Watch The Masters 2020 Live Stream.

You can watch the 2020 Masters online starting on Thursday in the United States, as the Masters website and app, ESPN, and CBS have online streams for all four rounds of the tournament from Augusta National Golf Club.

The professional players that are invited to compete in the tournament come from the PGA Tour, the European Tour, and Japan Golf Tour make up this year’s field, which includes last year’s winner Patrick Reed who hails from the United States.

A few different ways to watch Reed defend his Master’s title is by tuning in to the major TV networks throughout the week, checking it out online, or streaming it live on a mobile device. Here we are going to discuss how to live stream the Masters Golf online through official broadcasters.

What date will The Masters 2020 start?

Officially, The Masters will start on Thursday, November 12th and will go until Sunday, November 15th. The first two rounds will see the competitors fight to make the cut and the championship rounds will take place on Saturday and Sunday. The winner will don the championship green jacket sometime Sunday afternoon.

Where will The Masters Tournament be held?

Just like in year’s past, this golf event will be held at the renowned Augusta National Golf Club located north of the heart of Augusta, GA off HWY 28. Motorists driving by have said that they can actually see the players right from the highway during the four-day event.

How to watch The Masters live stream 2020

If you love golf and want to watch this year’s event, yet can’t attend it in person due to the cost, one way to do it is to take these steps on how to watch the 84th edition of the Masters Tournament live online. The nice thing about live streaming this tournament, and any golf competition is that it provides you the freedom to see all the action on the golf course the way you want to see it. Whether it be on your computer, laptop, TV, smartphone, iPhone, iPad, or tablet. So the steps to take are to create your own.

Livestream account that you set up, like YouTube or, sign-in, and then tune-in to the golf’s broadcast. It’s that easy.

Watch The Masters Golf Live Stream online without cable

One thing to note about Masters lives streaming is that sometimes, you need to have a current cable account in addition to a streaming account to actually watch what you want to see. This means that you’ll end up having to spend money to watch the tournament. So you might be thinking, how can I watch The Masters Tournament online without cable? Well, here’s how:


This is a service where a satellite is set up on top of your home that transmits a TV signal to your TV’s, using a box. Much like cable TV, you do have to sign up to use this satellite service, yet unlike cable, this cost is typically much, much less than cable. With your subscription, you typically get free access to the online version of DirecTV called DirecTV now. You will be able to watch The Masters Golf live online without cable if you are a subscriber of DirecTV.

Hulu Live TV

Much like the name suggests, Hulu Live TV is an online service that you can actually access TV shows and other broadcasts online. It’s similar to Netflix, which allows you to pick and choose different shows to watch, however, the main difference from Netflix is that it allows you to watch live events using it like the Masters Tournament. Hulu Live TV requires you to sign up, create an account, and pay money to use it.

Sling TV

This is another streaming online TV service that features both recorded and live TV events just like Hulu Live TV. To be able to watch everything that Sling TV offers, you also need to sign up, create an account, and also pay a fee to use it.


Is a new online TV streaming service that is a cut above the rest when it comes to watching TV online. The reason being, it’s easy to navigate, has up-to-date events loaded on it like The Masters, and the best part of using this online service is that it’s free for you to access. So, if you’re looking to take in The 84th edition of the Masters Tournament live online and save some money doing it, then 247TVStream is what you’ll want to go with.

YouTube TV

Is another free place to stream TV online. The thing about this streaming service is the content posted to it is generally generated by other users and isn’t of high quality. Plus, it’s usually not live and even though it’s free, you still need to sign up and create an account to use it.

Watch The Masters Golf Live Using VPN

A VPN is a virtual private network that allows you to access different content via your computer without the fear of anyone stealing your personal information. Watching The Masters this way means you log-on to a VPN and through that VPN, you connect to an online channel that is showcasing the golf event itself. Typically, you’d use a VPN if you’re not living in a country where the online event is being streamed.

For Mobile User

If you’re a golf fan who’s always on the move and doesn’t have time to sit in one place to see what’s happening at the Augusta National Golf Club in April, then as a mobile phone user, here are the different ways you can watch The Masters.

Masters App – The Masters Tournament actually has an app that you can download right to your phone. This app not only lets you track the leaderboard and what the competitors are doing, but you can also see video clips of the golf throughout the day. You can even sign up for event alerts to really stay on top of what’s going on at the tournament.

CBS Sports App – This is another app that you can download to your mobile phone. The difference between the CBS Sports App compared to The Masters App is that it’s not specifically designed to track just the golf tournament and instead, offers information for other sports as well.

ESPN App – As the name points out, this app is built by ESPN and you can download it to your mobile phone to get updates on all sports, including The Masters, much like the CBS Sports App.

The Masters Live Stream on Social Media

Or, maybe you’re a person who likes watching golf that is really into social media and you want to enjoy The Masters with all your friends online. What you can do is stay on top of what’s happening on the links by logging onto the following social media channels:

Facebook – One of the most popular social media sites, Facebook has millions of users online, and on this social media channel, you’ll be able to see content from people who are at the event, The Masters official Facebook page, and professional golfers who are competing.

Twitter – Is probably the second most popular social media site and like Facebook, it has millions of users worldwide who will share what they see at The Masters so you can track what’s going on.

Reddit – If you want to be on top of all the happenings of the Internet, then Reddit is the place to go. You can search for r/golf. They may provide some channels to watch the Masters Tournament live online. People share stories, videos, and images of the things they experience both in-person and online, allowing others to experience them as well.

Can I watch The Masters LIVE on Roku?

Roku is also a way to view this historic golf tournament, so if you’re curious and are asking the question, can I watch The Masters on Roku, the answer is yes, yes you can. In 2018, Roku actually showcased the event hole-by-hole to its users, allowing them to focus on their favorite holes rather than forcing them to watch the blanketed coverage offered by other cable providers.

Other Streaming Options

On top of all the options that were just mentioned, there are even more possibilities to stream and watch The Masters live on the four days in April it’s taking place. A few more of them include paying for AT&T Uverse to watch the event on your TV, heading to a pub or bar to watch the event with friends, and searching the Internet for different sites that offer coverage of the event either for free or a minimal cost.

What about The course

However you decide to experience The Masters in 2020, one thing that you need to make sure you do is to take in the beauty of the Augusta National Golf Club course the event takes place at. Created and designed by Clifford Roberts and Bobby Jones, it was opened in January 1933.

It’s an 18-hole golf course that is 7,435 yards long with a par score of 72.


To tune into The Masters, you need to know the tee times that coincide with the many days of the event. The estimated tee times of the tournament rounds on Thursday and Friday are 9 am CST/ 10 am EDT. Then, the championship tee time rounds on Saturday and Sunday are estimated to begin also at 9 am CST/ 10 am EDT.


The pro golfers who make it to the Masters Championship rounds will be competing for a large purse that puts other tournaments to shame. Although no official dollar amount has been shared concerning how much money they’ll be competing for, all indications are that the purse will total around $11 million, which has been the total for the last two years. In 2018, winner Reed walked away with $1.98 million.


Has all the talk about watching The Masters given you the itch to actually splurge and spend the money to do so? If you answered that you do, well, then you need to know that the only official place to purchase practice rounds and daily tournament tickets are through The Masters tournament website. It’s the only authorized source for getting tickets, ensuring that you don’t purchase knock-offs stubs so you can actually attend the event.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, there are all sorts of ways to watch this first major golf championship of the year so when it kicks off on 12 November, there’s no excuse to miss it.

The first two days of the event will air live on ESPN, with ESPN airing four-and-a-half hours of coverage each day. CBS Sports has coverage on Saturday and Sunday.

ESPN (Thursday, Friday) broadcast coverage of the tournament is also available through and the ESPN app for various mobile platforms. CBS Sports’ Saturday and Sunday coverage is available on

The coverage can also be streamed through the Masters site,, which also has its own exclusive online streams, including Featured Groups channels, Amen Corner Live, Holes 4-5-6, and a Holes 15 and 16 channel. The Masters app now also shows every shot from every player.

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