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Watch EuroBasket 2022 live stream free online anywhere

Are you looking for EuroBasket 2022 live streams online for free? Yes here it is ! All the top 24 basketball teams of Euro nations live actions are free to watch from your location by your hand device or TV screen described here. EuroBasket 2022 taking place across the Czech Republic, Georgia, Germany, and Italy from September 1–18, 2022. Watch EuroBasket 2022 live streams for free in Poland, Spain, Germany, France, Italy by their streaming platforms. Find here how to watch EuroBasket 2022 live streams for free from anywhere.  

Watch Eurobasket 2022 live streams free online

How to watch EuroBasket 2022 live streams for free

Polish public broadcaster TVP will live stream all EuroBasket 2022 games online for free. The service is available to stream on its website, as well as its apps for iOS and Android. Simply connect to one of our secure Polish servers, then start streaming! 

To watch EuroBasket free from anywhere in the earth, you need to get an ExpressVPN and connect to a server location Poland. Go to TVP websites, free sign up and enjoy streams.

Watch EuroBasket 2022 live streams online


ESPN+ is a great option for live streaming all the EuroBasket 2022 games online in the U.S. at a 10 USD/month and up. It also carries a number of other live sports including ice hockey, baseball, tennis, PGA golf, and soccer. ESPN+ is also available in a bundle with Disney+ and Hulu’s on-demand service for 14 USD/month, with EuroBasket games streaming through Hulu.

To watch ESPN+ risk free from anywhere:

  1. Get Expressvpn
  2. Connect to a server location in the U.S.
  3. Go to ESPN’s Website and sign up for streams.

Courtside 1891

Watch all EuroBasket 2022 live streams with Courtside 1891’s Max pass at the 42 USD/year. FIBA’s streaming service also gives you access to full-game replays and streams of other international basketball tournaments including the ongoing FIBA Basketball World Cup Qualifiers and the Women’s Basketball World Cup.  

NOW (Italy)

NOW is the perfect way to stream 11 Sky Sports channels online contract-free, including coverage of EuroBasket 2022 at 10 EUR/month and the commentary is in Italian. If you only want to subscribe for the tournament, you can buy a one-month pass contract-free.

Watch EuroBasket 2022 highlights on YouTube Free

Highlights of matches will be available to stream online on the official FIBA YouTube channel.

EuroBasket 2022 Group: 

There are 24 teams in Four groups are bellow: 

Group A

Belgium, Bulgaria, Georgia (host), Montenegro, Spain, Turkey

Group B

Bosnia and Herzegovina, France, Germany (host), Hungary, Lithuania, Slovenia

Group C

Croatia, Estonia, Great Britain, Greece, Italy (host), Ukraine

Group D

Czech Republic (host), Finland, Israel, Netherlands, Poland, Serbia

EuroBasket 2022 schedule

Check out the full schedule here.

Date: Sep 1, 2022

Spain vs. Bulgaria

Turkey vs. Montenegro

Belgium vs. Georgia

Bosnia & Herzegovina vs. Hungary

Slovenia vs. Lithuania

France vs. Germany

Date: Sep 2, 2022

Ukraine vs. Great Britain

Croatia vs. Greece

Italy vs. Estonia

Israel vs. Finland

Poland vs. Czech Republic

Serbia vs. Netherlands

Date: Sep 3, 2022

Montenegro vs. Belgium

Bulgaria vs. Turkey

Georgia vs. Spain

Germany vs. Bosnia & Herzegovina

Lithuania vs. France

Hungary vs. Slovenia

Great Britain vs. Croatia

Estonia vs. Ukraine

Greece vs. Italy

Finland vs. Poland

Czech Republic vs. Serbia

Netherlands vs. Israel

Date: Sep 4, 2022

Bulgaria vs. Montenegro

Spain vs. Bulgaria

Turkey vs. Georgia

Lithuania vs. Germany

Slovenia vs. Bosnia & Herzegovina

France vs. Hungary

Date: Sep 5, 2022

Croatia vs. Estonia

Great Britain vs. Greece

Ukraine vs. Italy

Poland vs. Israel

Czech Republic vs. Netherlands

Serbia vs. Finland

Date: Sep 6, 2022

Belgium vs. Turkey

Montenegro vs. Spain

Georgia vs. Bulgaria

Bosnia & Herzegovina vs. France

Hungary vs. Lithuania

Germany vs. Slovenia

Estonia vs. Great Britain

Greece vs. Ukraine

Italy vs. Croatia

Netherlands vs. Poland

Finland vs. Czech Republic

Israel vs. Serbia

Date: Sep 7, 2022

Turkey vs. Spain

Bulgaria vs. Belgium

Georgia vs. Montenegro

Lithuania vs. Bosnia and Herzegovina

France vs. Slovenia

Hungary vs. Germany

Date: Sep 8, 2022

Croatia vs. Ukraine

Estonia vs. Greece

Great Britain vs. Italy

Finland vs. Netherlands

Czech Republic vs. Israel

Serbia vs. Poland

Date: Sep 10, 2022 Round of 16

Sep 13, 2022 Quarterfinals

Sep 16, 2022 Semifinals

Sep 18, 2022 Third-place playoff

Sep 18, 2022 Final- 4:20 p.m.

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