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It's time for UFC 258. Find out how to live stream the UFC sporting event for free on Reddit.

How to Watch UFC 258 Live Stream on Reddit Free

Usman and Burns face each other in the main bout at UFC 258, which will be broadcasted on different channels such as BT Sports and ESPN+. The fight is set to take place this weekend at different times because of the difference in geographical locations.

The Nigerian superstar Usman has tightly gripped the UFC Welterweight Championship after he claimed it from Tyron Woodley in March 2019. He has won sixteen consecutive fights, making it one of the reasons why most people are eager to watch the fight.


Time that the UFC 258 is set to start

The fight will begin at different times in the two main countries that broadcast it because of time differences. The TV coverage of the UFC 258 event will begin at 1am United Kingdom time on Sunday the 14th of February 2021. The main card is expected to start around 3am, United Kingdom time. UFC 258 will be aired live in the UK on BT Sport 1. In addition to that, the fight will also be available for streaming on the BT Sport website and the app for subscribers. 

How to live stream UFC 258 online

Consequently, there are different online platforms which can be used in streaming the fight against Usman vs. Burns. To watch this fight online, you can use the BT Sport monthly pass platform without having to sign up a contract. If you are a regular subscriber, you can stream this fight via the BT Sport website or the app itself. The good thing about streaming this fight online is that you can stream on different devices, such as Smartphone, tablets or even your laptop. 

Furthermore, there are also other platforms that you can use to watch the UFC 258 online. They include the following; 

  • UFC Fight Pass

This is the easiest way to watch UFC live and on demand. The advantage of using a UFC 258 fight pas is that it is available globally, excluding Brazil only. The only limitation that this platform has is that if you are in the United States, you can sign up for the fight pass, but you cannot watch live matches. Since you are in the main country where the fight is being broadcasted, you have to wait a period of one month for the matches to be uploaded to fight pass. 

For those living in Brazil, they can use a VPN to unblock the UFC fight pass in your country. This gives you access to all the live events, past matches that ended long time ago, and current matches that have been scheduled to take place at a specific time and date. 

  • ESPN+

This fight is exclusive to ESPN+ in the United States. ESPN+ is part of the ESPN sports streaming service. To use this platform, you need to have a monthly subscription that will get you access to the whole channel plus an extra UFC PPV event at no additional cost. 

  • DAZN

This is a sports streaming service that broadcasts UFC events in Japan and other EU countries, including Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Germany and Austria. Moreover, this sports streaming service is available in US, UK and Canada. However, it does not stream the UFC events since the broadcasting rights are held by other providers. You can also create a new DAZN account using VPN to bypass the geo-block. 

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