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McGregor aims to defeat Dustin Poirier during their second UFC match. Learn how to live stream the UFC 257 match online for free.

UFC 257 Live Stream Free: How to Watch McGregor vs Poirier 2 Online HD

You can look forward to this weekend. It’s the weekend of the UFC 257. For the Greatest Fighting Championship 257 (UFC), two major battles were confirmed, Conor McGregor vs Dustin Poirier and Michael Chandler vs. Dan Hooker. The rest of the fanatics are waiting to see who takes the championship in these big battles.

The UFC 257 is anticipated for fighting on the ‘Fight Island’ in the Etihad Arena on 24 January 2021 in Abu Dhabi.

At exactly 23:30 GMT the UFC begins its preliminary efforts.

Click Here To Watch Online Free UFC 257

How to Stream UFC 257 Live with BT Sport Box Office?

If you’re an ardent sports fan, the chances are that ESPN programming is more than familiar to you. The global sports network is found in millions of homes across the globe, and with the subscription service ESPN Plus, the company is now moving feet first into the digital era.

The streaming service is, however, far from a substitute for existing ESPN channels on your cable subscription. With a variety of exclusive content and features for sports fanatics, it is something of a complement to what other networks already deliver.

The UFC 257 is scheduled to be broadcasted directly at the BT Sport Box Office. But the cost of such an event remains unveiled by BT Sport. Nevertheless, the price for pay-per-views is very likely to be around £19,95 in its normal range.

The MMA fans can also buy the UFC 257 streaming permit via their TV box and then either use the BT player or watch it on channel 494. Non-BT customers have the possibility to purchase the £25 monthly pass, which allows them to access and broadcast various sport events.

With the BT Sport App, you can do so accessible on all iOS and Android devices if you are buying a BT Sport Monthly Pass. The program is on TV’s Now, Samsung’s Smart TVs, Apple TV, Fire TV, Xbox’s, Amazon, and Play Stations.

You will have access both to the earlier prelims and prelims of the card with UFC Fight Pass. However, just 48 hours after the action is already televised, you will have the main event battles.

Top 4 UFC 257 Live Streams Free Channels, and Networks. 

The ESPN+ has effectively started its PPV sales so that you can brace yourself to watch this case. So you can buy it and be able to watch the match online. Nothing is going to happen to you.

Let me tell you how the UFC 257 can be broadcast live from almost anywhere.

UFC 257 Live Stream free Reddit

Oh, okay! On the Reddit website, you can stream live the UFC 257 match. It is an excellent social media network since it is highly successful but, unfortunately, quite undervalued.

Well, please be aware that Reddit is one refreshing way to capture the UFC 257 case. You can stream this game anywhere when you check the given list of subreddits. Better still, accessing and using this tool is not difficult. You’ll have to open a Reddit account to check for and obtain the new UFC updates. Not only are the updates, but the event is also streamed from everywhere in the world.

Have I listed its cost-effectiveness and affordability? The easiest way that this game can get streamed live is possibly Reddit.

You don’t have a purpose of skipping this great matching event with all these choices available that I expect to be very exciting. Everything you must do is look at the above list and decide which system or network works best for you and falls within the budget.

Are you pretty pumped for the weekend ahead?

Let’s all have an entertaining, relaxing, and enjoyable weekend anywhere in the world, waiting to find the best man and lady who can go home in the title of the UFC 257 Championship. The greatest player is the winner!


The UFC 257 match can get watched live on UFC TV, the official broadcast channel.

Depending on the needs, there are various pricing packages. Precisely, the pay per visual subscription will cost $64.99 if you want an HD-quality video broadcast of the match. You’ll buy one for each match with this kit. Please notice that only for sports broadcasts is this kit available.

The UFC Fight Pass choice is also present. It is a program based on a payment that costs you $9.99 a month. But you can have a slight discount if you want to pay twice a year and pay $8.99 per month.

It’s even safer if you’re going to spend the whole year for just $7.99. The $7.99 bundle will enable you to see more than just the MMA activities. You will read about the latest fighting concerning these MMA activities when they take place and review the fighting profiles. Live events are accessible, and you can enjoy seeing them happening.

UFC TV is available from anywhere in the world. You may check the feedback on the site and decide whether it will be your favorite forum if you have some time. Otherwise, there are additional choices.

BT Sports 

For you UFC fans in the UK, there’s good news. The entire UFC 257 can get watched.

BT Sport network match online. All exclusive rights have been given to the BT Sport network In Ireland and the United Kingdom to broadcast this championship. For those of you, therefore, who live there.

You have an advantage in these countries since this match can also get streamed online. For UK residents, however, please note that Saturday’s Main Card starts a little late. But make early changes, so you don’t miss it.

However, a spoiler-free replay is available for people who find 3 am to be late. The BT Sport channel will show all of this for those who wish to stream the fight on your TV live. You will therefore appreciate your wonderful screen experience. The BT Sport app would be even better.

Display the match on HD, which makes the experience enjoyable and unforgettable. Some of you may be regularly subscribing to BT Sports too, but perhaps this weekend. And maybe you still want to see the match live. You’d not be in the UK, and don’t worry! You need a VPN, start it on your computer.

YouTube Television

YouTube, of course, boasts outstanding features and a wide variety of channels. This ensures that you have several channels that you can enjoy.

On this extended list of channels, you can watch UFC battles from ESPN channels this weekend. It would be best if you bought a package that is $40 monthly for this reason.

YouTube TV has an unlimited cloud DVR space in addition to excellent features and channels that allow you to record whatever you want to your enjoyment. An advantage to choosing YouTube TV is and you’ll save your recordings for up to 9 months, which is a lot.

As if that isn’t necessary, you could also enjoy the UFC match simultaneously with three devices. You must not ignore this game, hence, wherever you may be.

However, a significant thing to remember would be that YouTube calls more on users, whose plans must not be customized with many choices. TV YouTube is for you if you’re really a guy.

UFC 257 Live Stream free ITV

ITV Sport will telecast UFC 257 live streams from the Scotland area, BBC One. Scottish viewers are waiting on these two TV networks. For Scottish rugby fans, the best choice is BBC One. This TV station will show all matches for free.

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