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Some of the most notable point spreads in NFL history have taken place during the Super Bowl. Find out which ones top our list.

Some Notable Super Bowl Point Spreads in NFL History

The Super Bowl is considered one of the grandest sports events globally, from involving star-studded entertainment to the most intense gameplay offered by the participating teams, making each year an event to remember. Every game played is a spectacle in its own way, may it be close games or absolute stomps in performances.

For avid fans of the game, seeing the significant sports event play out is reward enough. However, people betting in Super Bowl games remember and earn more than merely watching the season’s iconic football game. They get to see how their bets pan out, considering the teams’ performance during the bout.

People bet on their favored teams by how many points they would win against the underdogs. Some results prove correct, whether by a close margin or a dominant fashion; some are either plain wrong or completely unexpected. Listed down are some Super Bowl games that are characterized by notable bets and results.

Seattle Seahawks vs. Denver Broncos (Super Bowl 48)

The 48th Super Bowl in NFL History was played on February 2, 2014, at the MetLife Stadium, New Jersey. The season’s final game was between the Seahawks and the Broncos, the Western Division’s top teams and champions of the NFC and AFC, respectively. This game is an iconic one since the matchup features a top defense team against the top offensive team. 

The predicted point spread for the game was -2.5 in favor of the Broncos. Favored due to an explosive offense and setting top offense-related records throughout the season, the team earned the title of the most offensive team in the NFL. They were pitted against the Seahawks, who set defense-related records of their own and were labeled the NFL’s most defensive team. 

Many bets were proven wrong in devastating fashion when the Seahawks, regarded as underdogs, won with a 35-point margin against the Broncos in the score 43-8. That was a rough day for the favorites’ bettors since the favored team never had a chance to begin with, effectively giving the Seahawks another championship title.

New York Giants vs. New England Patriots (Super Bowl 42)

The 42nd Super Bowl of NFL History was played on February 3, 2008, at the University of Phoenix Stadium, Glendale, Arizona. This game was between the Patriots, who had a perfect regular and postseason run going into the Super Bowl, and the Giants, who were 10-6 for the regular season. 

The Patriots were the top seed of the AFC while the Giants were at fifth in the NFC. Everyone thought that the 2007 roster of the Patriots were going to cleanly sweep the entire season, be the first NFL team to have a 19-0 record, the second to go undefeated for both the regular and postseason, with 1972 17-0 Miami Dolphins being the first. 

Because of their performance and record, the bets were mostly on them, to begin with. The point spread was mostly in the Patriots’ favor with -12. However, the Super Bowl was capped with a hard-fought and unexpected win from the Giants 17-14. 

Another horrible betting day for people since betting programs predicted that the largely-favored Patriots would dominate the fifth-seed Giants. The game was memorable, though, with the game-winning play from Eli Manning to Plaxico Burress. That touchdown pass gave the Giants just enough to turn the deficit into a two-point lead plus a kick.

San Francisco 49’ers vs. Denver Broncos (Super Bowl 24)

This Super Bowl was held on January 28, 1990, at the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans. Played between the top seeds of both conferences, the 14-2 49’ers and the 11-5 Broncos of the 1989 NFL season fought it out on the main stage. The 49’ers looked phenomenal in this season’s Super Bowl, maintaining their championship-winning condition from last year.

The Broncos, however, were looking to finally win a championship title despite appearing in three Super Bowls before. During the offseason, signing new players helped them get through the regular season effectively and finish with the 11-5 record. Bettors had their bets on the 49’ers with a -12 point spread in their favor.

They were right to do so, as the 49’ers won against the Broncos in a dominating fashion with the score 55-10. This game remains to be the most one-sided Super Bowl game in NFL history, with the 49’ers putting up that 45-point lead against the Broncos, the most points attained by a team by far in a Super Bowl game.


The Super Bowl, with notable games throughout NFL history, has produced iconic moments for bettors and betting history. Teams have made history in these games and are used as references to explore possibilities for teams for future seasons.

People deduce patterns from past Super Bowl games and the current season runs, making predictions for games that are usually on point. Knowing this, making solid point spread predictions for the current season’s Super Bowl would be slightly more manageable and would have a higher likelihood of happening.

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