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Want to live stream sports events? We’ve made a list of platforms to stream all the live sports games you want for free. Here's all you need to know.

Want to stream your favorite sports for free? Here’s how

Streaming platforms are probably the worst contemporary problem. Even though T.V. isn’t completely dead yet, it’s undeniable that streaming platforms are hoarding access to a considerable number of contents. It all started with Netflix, now there are more than ten streaming services that have exclusive content. This makes their content the only (legal) way to access several movies & T.V. shows.

Yet, something similar happens with sports, but don’t worry, we’ve done research to provide you with several free sports streaming sites. Some sports are live-streamed online for free, however, several sites provide premium content for a fee. The prices aren’t usually unaffordable, but if you’re a fan of sports and movies, you’ll end up spending all your money on streaming platforms. 

In order to take any possible worries from you, streaming sports online is legal if the streamed content isn’t pirated. If you are a hardcore sports fan and want to stream live sporting events on your computer, this article is for you. 

Fox Sports Go 

Fox Sports platform is ideal for streaming live events on any internet-connected site. Not all platforms & websites work in the same way depending on the gadget you’re connected from. Fox Sports allows you to add your favorite shows, players, and teams and has a full schedule of sports events on their streaming site.

As it was mentioned, this platform goes further streaming and offers as well content related to stories & news, the latest scores, and player profiles. This platform is ideal to stream sports related to NFL, MLB, NCAA FB, WWE, NASCAR, boxing, and soccer. 

Yet, the count is that you’ll need super-fast internet to use it without problems. Another thing you need to know about this site is that even though the app is free and has some content too, several events require a subscription cost. But don’t worry, several entirely free platforms are included on this list. 


This website is also free and ideal to stream different types of sports events, particularly when it comes to NBA, NFL, CBF, XFL, MMA/UFC. As you can see, the platform focuses overall on boxing and other similar events.

CrackStreams is a great site for watching sports for free, however, you need to make sure you have fast internet, otherwise content will probably buffer. Even though this is a great site, and above all, it’s free, something that has to be mentioned is that the number of streamed sporting events is limited.


This site is ideal for watching live sports events for free. This website is ideal due to the sports diversity coverage it has. You can use Stream2Watch when it comes to baseball, basketball, boxing, NFL, golf, hockey, motorsport, soccer, rugby, tennis, UFC, and wrestling. And it’s completely free

This website provides all live sports streams content without making an account, the only thing you need to do is literally click on the links.


This platform isn’t the one to live stream events for free, but it does count with great sporting events around the world. Besides, you have access to read articles & watch video commentaries. You can think of this website more as a valuable sporting encyclopedia. 

Facebook Watch 

Even though Facebook isn’t a trendy social platform anymore, it has become useful for several services through the years, and that’s mainly the reason people still use it. Facebook has become a great platform to sell, rent or buy stuff on the marketplace. Believe it or not, Facebook has become a good option to stream sports and other T.V. shows if you don’t count on a T.V.

The Facebook Watch platform has several licenses over many sports leagues like Champion league for football, as well as certain MLB & NBA matches. 

Which platform do you like the most to stream your favorite sports for free? Tell us in the comments below!

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