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The Spanish Super Cup has faced a particularly challenging road this past year. Find out how you can watch the latest match.

The Spanish Super Cup: Where to watch Barcelona vs Real Sociedad

The Spanish Super Cup has faced a particularly challenging road this past year (then again, haven’t we all?), having to re-envision its original plan to play the mini-tournament in Saudi Arabia. Instead – due to increased restrictions related to COVID-19 – the four Super Cup teams are scheduled to play at home, with the final match set for the Estadio La Cartuja in Seville.

The first of the Spanish Super Cup matches features Barcelona (the 2019 – 2020 La Liga runners-up) versus Real Sociedad (the 2019 – 2020 Copa del Rey finalists) and will be played on Wednesday, January 13th at 3pm ET. Predictions so far seem to favor Barcelona by a lot, given both teams’ performances during 2020.

Real Sociedad’s woes

Real Sociedad has only won one out of their last twelve matches. Yes, that’s as bad as it sounds. Real’s current outlook sits in sharp contrast with their early-season chances, back when they were very much part of the title race conversation. Imanol Alguacil, the team’s manager, seems to be having trouble recapturing the magic displayed by Real Sociedad once upon a time.

Part of Real Sociedad’s problems in the upcoming match against Barcelona is the unreliable availability of an injured David Silva, who has been a major asset to the team’s offense since leaving Manchester City for Real last summer. Overcoming Barcelona without Silva will certainly prove to be a challenge, even as veteran left-back Nacho Montreal is set to return to the field for the match.

Real Sociedad’s recent track record has lost them their spot on La Liga’s top four. Winning the Spanish Super Cup – especially in the face of seemingly overwhelming odds – would provide the team with a much-needed momentum boost for when they return to playing in the league next month.

Barca on top

Barcelona, on the other hand, is sitting pretty with eight unbeaten matches, six of them wins. Barca had to deal with their fair share of crises in 2020, but the team seems to have finally rallied under Ronald Koeman’s leadership. Barcelona has managed to make it to third place ahead of their Wednesday match against Real Sociedad.

Unlike Real’s concerns regarding their offensive lineup, Barcelona seems all set when it comes to offense. Ousmane Dembele finally recovered from his previous injuries and has given impressive performances against Athletic Bilbao & Granada. Likewise, Antoine Griezmann has proven to be an effective, creative attacker. Having those two players join Lionel Messi at the front is certain to spell trouble for Real Sociedad.

Also worth considering: that hot streak of eight undefeated bouts? Barcelona’s last face-off against Real Sociedad was one of the matches. That previous 2 – 1 triumph over Real ought to fill Barca with confidence on Wednesday. Of course, Real Sociedad could see the Spanish Super Cup as their chance to start over, so Barcelona shouldn’t get too cocky.


By now, you must be really hyped for the first Spanish Super Cup match. Whether you’re rooting for the underdog and have your Real Sociedad jersey ready, or are placing a safe bet and setting up your Barcelona banner . . . you still need a way to watch the teams play.

Thankfully, you have a few options. Mind you, they all revolve around ESPN Deportes. If your cable package includes ESPN Deportes (assuming you have a cable package, to begin with), then you’re all set. Otherwise, you can look into a couple of streaming avenues that are generally known for being very sports-friendly. Best of all: they both offer free trials.

FuboTV claims to give you “The Best of Sports from the Channels You Love”. The streaming service will give you access to ESPN Deportes and allow you to stream on your TV, phone, or other devices. Along the same lines, SlingTV exhorts you to “Witness Glory” with a similar streaming service – although this one is enhanced by the ability to set up watch parties, so you can enjoy the match with long-distance friends.

Are you excited for the first Spanish Super Cup match? Will you be cheering for Barcelona or Real Sociedad? Let us know in the comments!

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