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The Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul fight is coming soon next month, but Jake Paul has added more fuel to the fire. Check out all the drama here.

Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul: Is problematic Jake Paul starting drama?

The Paul brothers just can’t seem to find their way out of trouble, can they? While the highly anticipated Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul fight is due for next month, it seems that younger brother Jake Paul had other plans to place himself into all the drama. Recently, he stole Mayweather’s hat as a prank, which eventually left him with some injuries. Take a look at all the shocking details here. 

All the drama 

What was meant to be a face-off to prepare for the Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul fight in the boxing ring next month ended up with younger brother Jake Paul finding a way to steal the spotlight. At the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami on Thursday, the Youtuber and boxer ran by and tried to steal Floyd Mayweather’s hat and run away with it, which sparked off Mayweather and his guards to run after him. 

Floyd Mayweather immediately tried to grab Jake Paul and attack him publicly after the ridiculous prank the YouTuber pulled in front of everyone. However, the details are a bit unclear as to what happened since there were so many people in the crowd as well as the photographs of the situation that were eventually released. Eventually though, security guards pulled everyone off each other and tried to calm the matter down. 

When the two were being pulled apart, both Jake Paul and Floyd Mayweather looked incredibly flustered. Video footage even revealed Mayweather storming off and screaming: “I’ll kill you motherf*cker! Are you crazy? I’ll f*ck you up, motherf*cker. I don’t play motherf*cking games. I’ll f*ck you up”, although sources were unclear whether those words were directed at Jake or Logan Paul. 

Jake adding more drama

While this was a very dramatic situation, it seems that Jake Paul has been laughing it off. In an Instagram story, the boxer & YouTuber even tried to promote a new line of “gotcha hat” hats, which were the exact words he told Floyd Mayweather after he pranked him by stealing his hat and running away with it. However, in the video, fans noticed he was sporting a black eye from the fight. 

Folks from social media also suggested that he may have had one of his front teeth busted inwards from the recent altercation, but none of that has been confirmed yet. Jake Paul did in fact tweet: “honestly have had 3 easy fights as a pro so been itching for some real action. 1 of Floyd’s 30 bodyguards got a clean shot on me in the eye. RESPECT!!”

To this, Mayweather has since broken his silence on the situation that unexpectedly occurred yesterday, and had accused Jake Paul of disrespecting him. Mayweather said: “It’s one thing to sell a fight, and people can say what they want, but one thing no one is going to do is disrespect me”.

The fight

If folks weren’t already amped up for the Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul fight going on next month, well, they certainly should be now. Thanks to the help of Logan Paul’s younger brother, so much more hype has been circulating around social media now since the hat-stealing incident has been all the talk on Twitter lately. 

During the face-off on Thursday, Mayweather called both of the brothers “fake fighters” and even challenged both Jake and Logan Paul to the boxing ring on the same night. Logan then responded with: “The only  thing that’s fake on this stage is Floyd’s f*cking hairline”. Jake is currently 3-0, while Logan is currently 0-1. Floyd on the other hand, is undefeated with 50 wins under his belt. 

So, who are you rooting for, and who are you expecting to win? Also, after the Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul fight, could we expect to see Mayweather in the ring with the younger Paul brother soon after? Let us know your predictions in the comments. 

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