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Are you a basketball fan but you don't have an NBA League Pass membership? Here's a list of platforms to live stream NBA events for free.

Basketball binge: How can you stream live NBA games for free?

Who doesn’t love free streaming platforms? In the era where everything costs and streaming services have more exclusive content, users are obligated to pay for several platforms. This issue is probably more visible with movies & T.V. services, however, if you’re a sports fan, this is just as problematic for you too.

This article is specially dedicated to those who love basketball and want to live stream NBA events for free. Yet, most of the platforms enlisted below might be useful to stream other sports, events, and even regular T.V.

NBA League Pass membership can be horribly overpriced for several audiences, but don’t worry, free sites to stream NBA events do exist. Nonetheless, keep in mind that, as with every free streaming platform, there’ll be some probable ad issues or conditions. Here’s everything you need to know to stream your favorite NBA events for free. 


CrackStreams is a free & ideal platform to stream different types of sports events,  obviously NBA-related. However, you can also use this page to stream NFL, CBF, XFL, MMA/UFC content. 

You can find plenty of sports free from charge at CrackStreams, however, you need to make sure you have fast internet, otherwise content will probably buffer. Yet, once you’ve chosen the NBA stream you want to watch, you’ll be taken to the available live streams and schedule page. Even though this is a great free site, something that has to be mentioned is that the number of streamed sporting events is limited.

Being completely fair & honest, sometimes quality isn’t the best at CrackStreams, but it depends on several factors. However, in general terms, the platform does a good job considering you’re not spending a dollar by using it. 


NBAbite is a basketball-focused platform that offers a ton of streams. This site frequently changes its URL so you might have to look for it several times. However, once you’re in you can access NCAA, NCAA Women, and other NBA Leagues. Basketball fanatics love this site so much due to the ad-clean layout, remember that when something seems to be free, publicity is being sold. 

The only thing you need to do is click on the stream category you like the most, and you’ll get to choose from a long list of upcoming basketball matches. Also, this platform has a focus on basketball but isn’t exclusive to it, so you can find NHL & MMA content as well. 

Yet, not everything is perfect with this website, the main situation is that, even though it has an ad-clean layout, some clicks redirect you to other pages. Unlike other platforms, adblockers aren’t an option because it interferes with the stream, so, keep in mind you’ll be closing unwanted windows frequently.   


This website is ideal to watch live sports events for free. This platform is loved by sports fanatics due to the sports diversity coverage it has. You can use Stream2Watch when it comes to basketball. However, there’s a full repertoire for baseball, boxing, NFL, golf, hockey, motorsport, soccer, rugby, tennis, UFC, and wrestling. And it’s completely free. 

Stream2Watch provides all live sports streams content without having to make an account, a click on the link you want will be enough. 

Once you enter this website, go to NBA-Streams, you’ll rapidly notice that this platform is NBA games exclusive. This isn’t necessarily something bad, it’ll definitely limit the sports you can watch but is simpler to use. All you need to do is select the game you wish to watch and you’ll be taken to another page with a screen. 

Once you click Play to load the video, just manually close ads, in this site there’s no problem with ad blockers so you can totally use them if you wish. The available video quality is HD, also, it has good playback speeds. If you have slow internet, this is definitely the option for you. 

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