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Making your golf clubs easily accessible is important. Here is the best way to arrange the clubs in your bag.

How to arrange golf clubs in a bag

An essential part of golf is organization, and proper management can take you far in the game. For instance, arranging your golfing equipment from your driver, to the best irons, and putter in an organized manner can not only save you time, but it can also help your overall play. 

Arranging golf clubs in a bag is handy for visual purposes and leaving a good first impression on your golfing peers. It is a waste of time to scramble through your golf bag looking for the right club when you could simply organize it in a manner that will help you locate your desired club faster.

Many golfers organize and arrange their golf clubs according to their own style. This not only represents their individual style but also makes them look like a professional. So here’s how you can arrange golf clubs in your bag to give off a good impression and make the clubs easily accessible during a challenging round of golf. 

1- Empty your bag

You can not fill that which isn’t empty – that’s a pretty simple rule. That’s why the first step of the process requires you to empty out your golf bag and get rid of the gunk and grime at the bottom. 

2- Gather the necessities

Carefully sort through your stuff and choose the golf clubs that you want with you that day. Overloading your bag with unnecessary equipment will only make it more difficult to lug around.

3- Note the essentials

Other important items to add to your bag could be a cap, umbrella, or raincoat, keeping the weather in mind. If it’s a long hot day, you might want to keep refreshments and bottled water at your disposal too. You might also want to invest in the best golf GPS possible, so you don’t get turned around at any point.

4- Arrange the putters and drivers

Move on to arranging the putters and drivers in your bag. Putters go into the pocket made for putters or at the very back of the pack, which is also the very last compartment. Similarly, the drivers and the woods also go along with the putters. You can try putting the woods on the right while placing the putters on the left. This way you can arrange the clubs according to their size.

5- Arranging the rest 

Next, arrange the mid-range clubs according to their length. The shortest clubs go in first, and the biggest irons can be placed on the extreme left. Doing so will not only make it easy for you to pick out the golf club of choice – whenever you need, but it’ll also help keep the golf bag balanced. Oh, and if you’ve got some extra wedges lying around, try placing them at the very of the bag. 

6- Take care of accessories

Now all you need to do is arrange your accessories. Each bag comes with front pockets for different golf accessories, including golf balls and ball markers. You can put these in the front pockets. At the same time, items such as gloves and glasses can go in the side pockets – so you can easily reach them quickly without upsetting the entire setting of your golf bag.


While arranging golf clubs may not sound like an exciting possibility, it’s still undoubtedly worth the time the effort it requires – which isn’t too much, to begin with. Additionally, if you’re lucky enough to possess a golf bag with specialized compartments – your life will be that much easier. 

Plus, can you imagine the embarrassment of spilling your golf clubs and other equipment on the course where all the high-handicappers are watching – the horror! Spare yourself the misery and get to arranging your golf bag today so that your mind stays where it belongs – on the game.

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