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Everything you need to know about The Masters 2020 – including dates, Reddit Live Stream, how to watch online and on TV Coverage from Anywhere.

(LIVE) Watch the 2020 Masters Live: Stream on Reddit and TV Coverage from Augusta

The Masters Live streaming service is available for free through the Masters official website. You can also watch the same Masters Live coverage through, the CBS Sports app, CBS All-Access or the ESPN+ subscription service.

Augusta national club will be hosting the Master’s golf tournament this November 12. And of course, when the club named is Augusta National club the world, has lots to see.

When is The Masters 2020?

The Masters will take place between Thursday 12th November 2020 and Sunday 15th November 2020. It was originally supposed to be held between Thursday 9th April until Sunday 12th April earlier this year. This is the first time The Masters has been played in the autumn months.

Where is the Masters in 2020?

The 2020 Masters Tournament will take place at Augusta National Golf Course in Augusta, Ga.

Ways to watch The 2020 Masters Golf Tournament

This is the first time since 1963 golf lovers won’t see any live coverage of the game for free on television in the UK. Sky Sports will be broadcasting with pay-per-view.

ESPN and CBS viewers can watch it live online.

For US viewers they can stream it live via

How to watch Masters 2020 Live Stream Online:

With the help of progressively current developments, it has ended up being very easy to acknowledge The Masters Golf 2020 on any contraptions. Fans can watch The Masters Golf Live stream online on their iPod, Mac, Pc, PC, or any Android contraption.

They can watch and check out the investigations at whatever point, any place, wherever on the planet. In this way, you can enjoy your favourite The Masters Golf 2020 Live Stream Online.

We intended to offer the most raised characteristics live Gushing organizations at the best expenses. Fans simply need to pay a little mean value The Masters Golf match-ups live spouting exercises. The best part is you get access to The Master’s Golf 2020, so you’ll be watching and following your favoured gathering or competition all through the entire Match.

How to watch Masters Golf Tournament 2020 Live on Cable:

If You Want To Enjoy The Masters Golf On Cable, Select Only Official Streaming Site. Because Official Site Is Only Trusted By Everybody. If You Use Other Streaming Site, You Can Get Only Video, Only Sound Or It Can’t Be Clear Like HD.

On The Other Hand, The Official Streaming Site Will telecast The Masters Golf Live. So, You Should All-Time Connect Official Channel. Because Official Channel Will Give You The Access To Watch The Show.

If there Are Many Problems To Connect With Official Channel, You Can Subscribe The Channel, So That, You Can Get Access By Using Cable Any Time Anywhere.

How to watch Masters Golf Tournament Live without Cable:

Behind This Modern World, There Is Another World That Is Called Internet World. If You Want To Watch The Masters Golf 2020 Online Without A Cable, You Have To Find The Online Accessible Channels. Watching Without A Cable Is A Prevalent Choice For Those With High Mobility, Or Simply Those Who Don’t Want To Use Cable. It will be The Best Streaming Services For You.

Just because you’re a cord-cutter doesn’t mean you have to go without watching the 2020 Masters. While those with a cable subscription will have access to the even on CBS, ESPN and the channels’ corresponding websites, even those without cable have a plethora of options to choose from in order to watch.

Fans can simply head to for live coverage of the event, or they will need to select a service that offers both ESPN and CBS as the former will provide coverage of Rounds 1 and 2, while the latter will cover Rounds 3 and 4.

Can I watch the Masters on YouTube TV?

Yes. A subscription to YouTube TV includes access to all of the major networks, including ESPN and CBS. The base package also includes Golf Channel which will provide supplemental coverage and analysis throughout the tournament.

Can I watch the Masters on Hulu?

Yes. A subscription to Hulu Plus Live Sports includes access to all of the major networks, including ESPN and CBS. The base package also includes Golf Channel which will provide supplemental coverage and analysis throughout the tournament.

Can I watch the Masters on Sling TV?

Yes, but only on Thursday and Friday. Sling TV does not carry local CBS stations, so users will have to opt for the Sling TV Orange package in order to have access to Masters coverage on ESPN. ESPN is only covering Rounds 1 and 2 before passing the baton to CBS for the weekend.

Can I watch the Masters on fuboTV?

Yes. A subscription to fuboTV includes access to all of the major networks, including ESPN and CBS. The base package also includes Golf Channel which will provide supplemental coverage and analysis throughout the tournament.

How to watch Masters Live on Smartphone:

This Modern Era in 2020, Smartphone Is The Most Using Thing To Watch Anything, to Get Information About Anything And So On.

For The Users of Smart Phone We Are Ready to Give You The Information, So That, You Can always enjoy The Masters Golf 2020 Live. You Can Install Official Broadcasting Software or You Can Get Access By Using Smartphone by following instructions. Always Follow Our Site And Enjoy The Masters Golf Live Stream On Smartphone.

How to watch the Masters 2020 Golf live streaming Reddit?

Reddit is an immersive content providing a social platform where you can engage in comment threads and also get access to live content from sports, entertainment, and other media. Different Redditers will upload links of live-action coverage from the Augusta Golf course. After signing in with your credentials, you need to search the relevant subreddits for those feasible links. Once you can find a good one, you can watch your favorite golf tournament for absolutely free of cost!

How to watch Masters Coverage from different Countries:

United States

So Many United states fans are looking to watch this Masters golf Tournament coverage. ESPN and CBS to Show Exclusive Broadcast the Masters 2020 live in the USA so all the American fans have to Go CBS / ESPN to Enjoy the Masters Golf live telecast. CBS apps also provide Live streaming to online viewers of Android and Mobile users.


Since the 2018 Nine Network to be broadcast the Masters golf live in Australia country.

United Kingdom

BBC has broadcast the Masters 2020 Golf Tournament live in the united kingdom. it also provides live radio commentary on the closing stages on Radio Five Live. The BBC’s coverage airs without commercials because it is financed by a licence fee.


Bell Media’s TSN and Shaw Media’s Global has been combined to show the Masters Golf tournament live in Canada country. The tournament has had broadcast rights shared between the two channels for many years.

“We put together a cross-functional team that included people from Shaw Media and Bell Media and put together a joint package that is seamless for advertisers and went out and made sales calls together,” he says. “When you can combine the speciality channels of sports with mainstream channels it makes sense with events like this that run over multiple days.”


Eir Sports Broadcast all four round of Masters golf 2020 live in Ireland which previously broadcast the opening two rounds with RTE on the weekend coverage.

How to watch the Masters 2020 Golf live using other devices?

  • Kodi: The Kodi app allows a wide range of paid and unpaid add-ons that you can use to watch the Masters Golf 2020. You can use it without a browser or online channels and install it on your Apple TV, Android TV, or other iOS devices.
  • Roku: Roku has emerged as a brilliant option to watch important live events and sports online. Just enter your credentials in your Roku Player or Roku TV and enjoy the entire Masters’s tournament live.
  • Apple TV: Apart from the Kodi app, you can also install the AirPlay app on your Apple TV and watch the Masters 2020 live.
  • Xbox: Certain media streaming services that are compatible with Xbox will offer you live action coverage of the Masters 2020 Golf tournament.
  • iPhone and iPad: You can watch the Masters 2020 Golf by downloading the Master’s tournament app from the Apple store.
  • Android: Just download the Master’s tournament app from the play store and watch the Masters 2020 tournament on your android devices.

The Masters 2020 TV Coverage Info:

ESPN and CBS will split the Masters coverage: ESPN will air first- and second-round coverage on Thursday and Friday, both days from 1 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. CBS will resume weekend coverage starting on Saturday and concluding on Sunday. Its broadcast will air from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. ET and 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. ET, respectively.

ESPN will take care of the event on Thursday and Friday while the CBS will be in cover on Thursdays and Sundays. Golf Channel is also going to do extensive coverage of that event from Mondays to Saturday. There are some of the events that would be available for app and streaming.

The 2020 Masters Golf TV Channels Info:

TV channel: ESPN, CBS

Online streaming: WatchESPN, CBS All Access

Early round coverage of The Masters 2020 will continue to be televised by ESPN and the rest of the tournament to be broadcast on CBS.

The Masters Golf TV Schedule:

  • Thursday, Nov. 12: 7:30am – 2pm ET (ESPN); 2-5 pm ET (CBS)
  • Friday, Nov. 13: 9:30am – 4pm ET (ESPN); 4-7 pm ET (CBS)
  • Saturday, Nov. 14: 11am – 7:30pm ET (ESPN)

Sunday, Nov 15: 10am – 12pm ET (ESPN); 12-6 pm ET (CBS)


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