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NBC’s critically acclaimed comedy drama following the lives of a white family who decide to adopt a black child after the loss of one of their children.

The series is set in the present, but frequently jumps back to the earlier lives of Pearson parents Jack and Rebecca. Expecting triplets, only Kate and Kevin survive, their brother stillborn. They resolve to adopt a third child, Randall, who was born on the same day but abandoned by his father.

The series served as a breakthrough for Sterling K. Brown, who portrays the adult Randall. He’s received a Golden Globe and an Emmy for his role in the show, thanks to his performance contributing the most stirring moments of pathos and sheer brilliance.

Its genius framing device of flashbacks and isolated storylines in the past and present allow for some wonderful, immersive storytelling, as well as tackling relevant issues with an 80s lens such as race, body image, and loss. You’re guaranteed to know the Pearsons better than your own family by the time you catch up for Season 3.

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