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I Love You, America

Network: Hulu

Series Premiere: October 12, 2017
Season Premiere: September 6, 2018

A reinvention of the talk show formula with challenging and provocative comedian Sarah Silverman. While most late night shows feature celebrity guests, witty barbs and musical interludes, Silverman invites political figures, activists, and writers to trade opinions and reflections on the current state of America. Rather than following the traditional route of face-to-face conversations, Silverman intercuts each episode with monologues and pre-taped segments in which she or additional guests such as Tig Notaro and Kate Berlant are sent around the United States to explore a strange or  undiscovered corner of America’s history. Silverman herself also travels to some of the most conservative areas of the USA’s Southern states to engage in excruciating, demanding, and eye-opening conversations with the country’s most staunch Republicans and intolerant patriots. Don’t worry if things get a little uncomfortable. You can always skip ahead to the antics of Mather Zickel’s ‘White Guy at the Desk’, who intercuts the show whenever things are getting a little too un-traditional for the snowflakes in the audience.

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