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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Network: The CW

Season Premiere: January 11, 2019

Watch it on Netflix : Musical series starring Rachel Bloom about a mentally unhealthy lawyer who moves back to her hometown to pursue her teenage crush to mixed results at best. We were all on board during the brilliant first couple seasons of this refreshing mix of music, comedy, and mental health evaluation that even managed to say a few really smart things about stigma and the unfortunate effects of dating while mentally ill. While we’re still in love with the music, aesthetic, and a few of the show’s main cast, we’re mainly just watching out of habit now as the show keeps losing its edge and going for straight-up dumb stances in more recent episodes. Rebecca Bunch’s arc might have shifted all over the place, from evil villain to self-destructive romantic, sex pest to self-improvement addict, but our attention hasn’t been able to keep up. Luckily, Bloom’s songs are still on point, the production value is top of the line for The CW, and we still care enough about Darryl, Heather, and (sometimes) Paula to keep us tuning in each week.

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