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Gripping cop show that puts the focus on the frontline, as it follows a group of first responders balancing their personal lives with the onslaught of crime and emergency in modern Los Angeles.

Led by the Queen of Wakanda herself, Angela Bassett fronts an all-star cast that includes Kenneth Choi (Sons of Anarchy), Connie Britton (American Horror Story), and Jennifer Love-Hewitt (Criminal Minds), who play a group of cops, firefighters, paramedics who are first on the scene when anything goes wrong in LA.

The show takes a backseat to the action a little too often, taking the melodrama of family life and romantic intrigue a little too seriously, but it’s worth getting through when each episode offers a variety of dilemmas and tragedies to keep the cast constantly on their toes.

After his experience with television biopic, American Crime Story, co-creator Ryan Murphy knows how to deliver when it comes to a blow-by-blow account of LA’s biggest heroes. It’s no prestige drama, but the ten episode run of the first season is worth watching for Bassett alone, and makes it an easy bingewatch if you want to catch up in time for Season 2.

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