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Everyone is raving over this new Korean drama, and we guarantee you'll be just as obsessed. Find out why 'True Beauty' should be your next bingewatch here.

Watching Korean dramas? Here’s why you need to get into ‘True Beauty’

Cheese in the Trap, Love Alarm, and Hell is Other People all share a common trait: they’re K-dramas based on Webtoons. A fairly popular trend, many hugely popular Webtoons are getting the TV treatment and brought to life in Korea. True Beauty, one of Webtoons’ most read series, is finally getting the same treatment. 

Created by user Yaongyi, True Beauty follows the misadventures of Jugyeong, a girl who has always been seen as the ugly duckling in her family. After some experimenting with makeup before entering high school, Jugyeong transforms overnight into a goddess among her peers. But can she keep up her appearances and keep her secret? 

While the K-drama version isn’t a direct adaptation, it still sports the spirit of the original comic. Starring Moon Ga-young as Jukyung, True Beauty is one of tvN’s top shows right now. The season is halfway over, so there’s no time to waste. Here’s why you need to be binging True Beauty right now.

Perfect casting

The benefit of basing a show off a Webtoon is you already have an idea of what the casting needs to look like. For True Beauty, no actress nails the double-life looks of Jugyeong better than Moon Ga-young. 

Best known for her roles in Tempted and EXO Next Door, Ga-young has climbed the ranks to become one of the world’s most recognized K-drama stars. While Ga-young is gorgeous beyond belief, the makeup team on True Beauty know how to make her into an ugly duckling. 

But True Beauty can only be as good as the casting for Suho & Seojun. No worries, because the casting for our two love interests is perfect. Astro’s own Cha Eun-woo is portraying the fan favorite Suho, while 18 Again star Hwang In-yeop is taking on bad boy Seojun. 

High school drama galore

True Beauty, at its core, is a high school drama. The whole reason Jukyung feels like she has to be pretty is because she’s bullied & humiliated by her classmates for her looks. As the Webtoon goes on, the story experiments with what it means to be popular in high school, offering really unique points about the social hierarchy of teenagers. 

While the K-drama version of True Beauty doesn’t have 200+ episodes to work with, it still captures this same thoughtfulness. You can go in expecting some of the same basic tropes in high school dramas, but don’t think that’s where the show stops. True Beauty still takes on the criticism of high school hierarchies in its own unique way.

New take on a popular story

From the get go, fans knew True Beauty the Webtoon & True Beauty the K-drama were going to be two different stories. While the Webtoon inspired the series, the creators made it clear from the beginning to not expect the same story. If you loved the webcomic, you may not be the biggest fan of the changes made.

Nevertheless, True Beauty being turned into a K-drama means we get to see what someone else feels is important to the story. Sure, the little moments of Suho & Jugyeong will be lost, but maybe that will leave room for more exploration of Suho & Seojun’s friendship. 

Flashy & fun

Just like the source material, True Beauty captures the high-octane world of Saebom High School. Between the horror aesthetic Suho & Jukyong enjoy and the glossy, bubblegum pink world of makeup, True Beauty knows its audience. Using these techniques, the show tries to freshen up the slower moments with more flash.


If you’re sold on bingeing True Beauty, you can stream the show on Viki now. The season finale will air on February 4th, 2021, and will be available the next day on Viki.

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