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Want to stream the 'Mulan' live action film without coughing up money for Disney Plus? Check out where you can watch the movie for free here.

Watch the live-action ‘Mulan’ without Disney+: All the sites to try

A Disney classic, the 1998 animated film Mulan got a live-action remake last year. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, Mulan (2020) skipped a theatrical release and went straight to the streaming platform, Disney+. 

At first, Disney+ charged an extra premium fee of $30 on top of an existing subscription to watch the film. After a few months of overcharging its audience for the Mulan live-action remake, Disney+ got its stuff together and made it available for free for subscribed members.

Either way, the live-action Mulan couldn’t be watched without spending a penny. So for people without a Disney+ subscription, here a few sites to check out the film on:


123Movies is usually a hit or miss option, but it’s the first free streaming site that comes to our minds when we think of new releases. With the latest releases uploaded on the platform for streaming, live-action Mulan must’ve also made it on there. 

123Movies offers all its content in 1080p quality with a few ads & pop-ups. There’s a search bar available to find your favorite movies from the plethora of content. We suggest using a VPN while browsing the free streaming site. 

Go Stream

Go Stream is a great choice to stream the newest live-action film, Mulan. The free streaming site offers a large selection of movies with almost no ads or pop-ups. Unfortunately, TV shows aren’t available on Go Stream yet but the platform does offer its movies in a high 720p quality.

Another perk of Go Stream is its fast streaming capability with very little buffering – depending on your WiFi bandwidth, you can watch the latest films on a comfortable stream.


Moviebox is an Android phone application with a wide selection of movies. You can download this app to enjoy live-action Mulan on the go. The app can also be used with compatible smart TVs. 


Flixtor is another easily accessible streaming platform that offers all the newest releases including live-action Mulan for free. Armed with a large library, Flixtor streams movies & TV shows in HD quality. 

Some of the latest titles available on Flixtor’s homepage are News of the World, Soul, and Wonder Woman 1984.


Solarmovie is another classic go-to streaming site to watch new releases for free. With diverse categories to choose from, content on Solarmovie is available to stream in HD with no country restrictions. 

Live-action Mulan is available on Solarmovie to stream with an option to turn on English subtitles, a feature that is uncommon in many free streaming sites. The website also allows users to receive notifications of new movies available to stream when registered on the platform.


AZMovies is a longstanding, popular streaming website rivaling 123movies in its content. The site offers an extensive library of old & new titles, starting from alphabets A to Z. Along with the live-action Mulan film available for free on AZMovies, you can watch Tenet, The Croods: New Age, Skylines, and more on there.

AZMovies is updated on a regular basis to make the latest releases available for its users in HD quality. The site is fast at streaming with minimal pop-ups & ads.

With endless paid streaming subscriptions available, it can be difficult to commit to one and pay hard-earned money just to realize your favorite movie is offered on a different platform. That’s when free streaming websites with large libraries come to our rescue! With zero commitment & zero money, we can watch as many movies as we want with just an internet connection (and maybe a VPN). 

Where are you planning to watch the newly released live-action Mulan? Let us know below!

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