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In lieu of a credit sequence, Killing Ground presents its titles over images of eerie natural serenity: camps set up but seemingly uninhabited, pathways clear but silent, woods inviting if not for a disturbing lack of wildlife. The message is

Only three episodes in, and already the vultures are circling Ozark. After two episodes of high stakes and quick thinking, Ozark slows down and scales back, focusing on the forces in the background hoping the Byrde family slips up to

New York. New York never changes. At least, that’s my understanding based on the city's long cinematic history. Dustin Guy Defa’s Person to Person is the latest contribution to that unchanging New York film canon, looking like so many other

With its story about a seemingly innocuous family man sucked into a life of violent crime, disturbing uses of industrial acid, and cast of colorful small-town criminals, the new Netflix series Ozark might seem like a blatant attempt to fill

What is it about the found-footage genre that inspires such relentlessly stupid characters? Generic, unlikeable, and dumb ensembles are common to the point of mockery in the larger horror scene, but found-footage works take those traits to such extremes it

In 1990, the way we engaged with content was very different from today. There was no Netflix and chill, binge-watching really wasn’t a thing (that people would admit to anyway), viewing times were set by the network, and no show

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