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Best Shows of 2017

It’s been a good year for TV. We’ve had goofy shows and docudramas charting the full breadth of the human experience. Here’s our pick of the best of them.

Best Shows of 2017

Aw geez, 2017 is almost coming to an end. We thought we’d take a good look at all our favorite shows across this spectacular year of television. We’ve got goofy shows and docudramas charting the full breadth of the human experience.

All of us here at Film Daily have picked our own favourites from throughout the year and we’d love to share them all with you. It’s been a helluva year!

Daisy: Staff Writer


Logline: Outlandish story of understood women building an all-female televised wrestling league.

One of Netflix’s sleeper hits for 2017, this super-wrestler smash starring Alison Brie is an absolute delight of a series. Showrunner Jenji Kohan presents a world that’s provocative, witty, and utterly ridiculous from the costumes to personalities. Highlighting problems that resonate in our time too, everything is oversized and brash in this show that isn’t afraid to butt heads with issues of sexism and equality of the nineteen eighties. We called it “a blinding phosphorous romp” that we’re hoping to see return soon.

Twin Peaks: The Return

Logline: David Lynch returns after decades to an acid trip of a story with a detective trapped inside a war in his head.

Twin Peaks: The Return is an absolute bonkers series that smashes all modern conventions of storytelling. It’s been likened to a wrecking ball by critics, with the show not giving the slightest damn as to what it’s audience wants or needs. It withholds answers, or resolves questions you did not know existed in the first place. That might all sounds like an obtuse, incoherent show, but David Lynch’s mindwarp of a series is a real reminder of the magnetic power that he can bring to any production. It’s difficult to wade into further without spoiling the magic of the show, but we’re pretty enraptured by the prospect of another taste of Twin Peaks in the future.

The Americans

Logline: Soviet agents posing as married couple in suburban eighties America fight to conceal themselves in society.

The Americans has been on an absolute roll with its latest season. Starting quietly, it’s now come to dominate the conversation when it comes to quality television. The series, from Joe Weisberg (Falling Skies), is an exciting, provocative show that mixes Cold War hysteria with domestic drama into a delicious concoction. Even with all the authenticity of eighties America beautifully and brutally replicated, there’s still a resonance with our own times. Weisberg says the story is at its heart about marriage, and that the “international relations” are an “allegory for the human relations”.


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