Film Daily Screenwriting Contest

Logline: Edie Falco (Nurse Jackie) tries to save soporific, nostalgic 90s coming-of-age dramedy in which sisters find out their father is cheating. Verdict: Jenny Slate (Obvious Child) has a voice that could strip paint. With such a terrible case of vocal

Logline: Lily Collins (Okja) and her epic eyebrows suffer from poor little white girl syndrome while battling anorexia. Verdict: This movie of the week has most of the hallmarks of its genre, but with the added bonus of Keanu Reeves (The Bad

Logline: Bored psychologist (Naomi Watts) has terminal case of poor little rich white girl syndrome as she begins to blur the ethical line by getting involved in her patients’ lives. Verdict: Although it’s not quite as bad as everyone is saying,

One of the defining traits of Ozark is its embrace of darkness, not merely in regards to character but also in a literal sense. So many of the show’s pivotal scenes take place as shadows loom around the characters, obscuring

Hollywood studios love to treat autism as a condition rife with not only difficulties but magical abilities, usually of the mathematical sort. Filmmakers rarely have real experience with autism, and it’s easier for people ascribe a fantastical narrative to what

Most people’s high school experiences don’t involve magical makeovers into popular kids or Diablo Cody-scripted witty banter. Chances are your high school experience was more awkward and clumsy: zits and mumbled pouting instead of CW-ready bodies and cheeky repartee. In

Film Daily Screenwriting Contest