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Following outcry from fans, last August Netflix picked up fantasy police procedural Lucifer for a fourth season, set to premiere Wednesday, May 8th.

Gary made his exciting, sassy return to 'Santa Clarita Diet' and his burial appeared to have done him wonders, loading him up with insight, wisdom, and a whole new set of sniping one-liners. FD is proud to present (for the

To celebrate the final run of 'Shadowhunters', here’s our rundown of the bestest babes that we Shadowfam members quite rightfully adore.

We’ve been chatting with 'Gotham'’s fandom. Here’s how we can encourage the powers that be to make the right decision for the Batman origin story.

You were likely on the edge of your throne for the latest installment of 'Game of Thrones'. Did Tyrion Lannister reclaim his wit & wisdom? Read on to learn.

Get sloshed with us this season of 'Game of Thrones' using this handy guide on when to drink, when to pour one out – and when to abstain in solidarity.