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Woah! Think back to when you were in a crib you rambunctious millennials. Cowabunga dude. Better grab your roller skates and video tapes, coz we’re headed back to the 1990s. We’ve got Hulk Hogan, we’ve got Pulp Fiction, we’ve Lewinskygate,

Exhausted from your Thanksgiving dinner? Want something to watch on your plane journey home? Scrolling through Netflix and then, after three hours, just giving up and watching Stranger Things for the fortieth time? Have no fear, for Film Daily is

Gobble gobble! It’s that time of the year when every American puts aside well-worn political pitchforks and sits down at the family dinner table, ready to gobble down some wholesome turkey dinner! After inhaling all those carbs, it’s time to

America’s most infamous criminal, Charles Manson, died earlier this week. The cult leader and convicted murderer has been a figure on the edge of American horror and serial killer stories since the 1960s. There’s been quite a few films which

Aw geez, 2017 is almost coming to an end. We thought we’d take a good look at all our favorite shows across this spectacular year of television. We’ve got goofy shows and docudramas charting the full breadth of the human

The Shining is an immortal work. It might just be the greatest horror film ever made. Stanley Kubrick’s puzzling film has, for decades, enraptured audiences and left critics baffled and bemused. This immersive movie is unlike almost anything else you’ll