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Set for release in just two days, Alex Garland’s latest mind-bending epic looks set to take us all on a vast and visual journey before spitting us out afterwards. 'Annihilation' has been amassing rave reviews, which bodes incredibly well for

While we could spend hours discussing the issues surrounding a Tarantino-directed Charles Manson story (he’s not exactly known for his sensitivity), instead we’re looking at a bunch of cult-themed films that have nailed it in the past and are available

Released on February 26 1988, after a small premiere in Baltimore a week earlier, John Waters’s 'Hairspray' jived into the cultural consciousness. In the 30 years since the movie’s release, it has gone on to inspire a hit Broadway musical

Danny Boyle could be terrific for the job and give the franchise a much needed fresh spin. But what does it take to direct a Bond movie? Let’s take a look at eleven of Bond’s best directors, ranked from the

Though we can’t make the production of the sequel adaptation to Stephen King's 'It' go any faster, we can recommend some essential viewing to keep you hyped in the interim. These are shows and movies featuring similar themes, starring specific

Paul Rudd has been a cherished part of pop culture since the mid-90s, and it doesn’t look as though he’s about to let that change anytime soon. This is fantastic news for the rest of us, because honestly, the guy