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Film Daily Screenwriting Contest

At the time of this writing it’s not even the 10th of August yet. Traditionally speaking that means we’re still unofficially in pre-Oscar movie season. While there are certainly exceptions - usually a couple each year - most true Oscar

In 1990, the way we engaged with content was very different from today. There was no Netflix and chill, binge-watching really wasn’t a thing (that people would admit to anyway), viewing times were set by the network, and no show

Sick of identikit, soulless megaplex cinema chains? We are, too. Luckily for us, there are a host of fantastic independent cinemas across the UK doing incredible work for the indie film community by bringing their work to the big screen.

Hollywood has a problem. Despite making baby steps towards inclusivity – see Moonlight winning an Oscar earlier this year – they still don’t seem to be able to stop whitewashing big-budget films. It’s not as if this is a new

Donnie Darko is back in cinemas today, over fifteen years after its first release. Here’s hoping that second time’s a charm for this cult hit that never quite lived up to its box office potential. Timing is everything, especially in this

Making a great television show requires consistency, and consistency is hard. Not every show has a visionary at the helm to ensure quality down to the last detail of hours upon hours of classic content, like Matthew Weiner on Mad

Film Daily Screenwriting Contest