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Cinemas are closed and people are bored. Let’s have a look at a few popular options for spending this quarantine time with pleasure and benefit.

What to do while the cinemas are closed

Having found themselves in a locked up situation, people all over the world now have plenty of free time with a single question in mind “how to get themselves busy?”. There are indeed plenty of options, as all of the favorite and familiar things have successfully been transferred online, including cinemas, theatres, and live concerts. 

Let’s have a look at a few popular options for spending this quarantine time with pleasure and benefit. 

Online Entertainment 

Even though people are all stuck inside their houses, there are so many entertainment resources waiting online that, believe it or not, you will need to make an effort to get bored with all of it being free and available. 

Cinemas and museums 

They say that cinemas are closed and all the releases are postponed. That is not a problem at all. Make a cinema at home! Have you heard about Netflix and HBO? Did you know that registration there takes less than the time you would spend dressing up for the cinema? 

All the TV series, movies, and shows have always been there for you, but there was never enough time to watch them all. Make a list for the whole week and make sure to share your thoughts on social media if you have found a really worthwhile movie. 

For those who miss strolling around museums, there is a great way to do it online from a home laptop. Popular museums, like Louvre, Guggenheim, National Gallery of Art, and many others, have launched virtual tours which are a great way to see various exhibitions, video, and audio lectures and not miss anything while being away. 

Live shows

Postponed concerts are not a reason to be sad as people now have a great opportunity to go online and watch live shows of their favorite singers free of charge! Have you ever imagined that you would listen to John Legend singing live? 

Many famous people, including Justin Bieber, Cardi B, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, and many more are hosting live shows on Instagram to give all their love and support to everyone around the world. It is an amazing idea to spend an evening and enjoy an amazing time with your favorite celebrities. 

Online Casinos 

Las Vegas is also on a quarantine, much to everyone’s regret. However, you can still enjoy the vibe and atmosphere of your favorite online games or real money slot machines

With all the promotions, loyalty programs, colorful graphics, and a huge amount of table games and lotteries which are updated monthly, this is an amazing way to spend an afternoon, receive some great bonuses, and hit the jackpot!

Theatres and music

If you are a fan of theatres, there is a solution for you as well. People all over the world have an opportunity to stream plays, musicals and dance shows from home. New York’s Broadway, Australian theatre scene, London’s West End are sharing their archives and past performances to the public. 

And even though you cannot get the unique theatre ambiance, there exist some undoubted advantages: the plays are most of the time free of charge and you are definitely getting the best seat. 

Video games 

This might be a great option for kids. However, according to statistics, video games are indeed more popular among adults. So don’t hesitate trying something new or enjoying some old favorites. 

You can go further and invite friends to join you in an online competition. It’s fun, easy, and definitely worth trying. 

Online Education

The education system has become much more flexible, so everything you need to start a new class goes online from a home laptop.

Seminars and masterclasses 

The amount of free and available resources online is astonishing. Various culinary, art, marketing, business, writing masterclasses seem to increase on a daily basis. People release their seminars and lectures to the public to make them entertained during these uneasy times. If you have always wanted to start learning a new language, know all the culinary secrets of Gordon Ramsay or maybe learn filmmaking from fabulous Jodie Foster, it is just the time to start. So pick up what you fancy the most and enjoy. 

Home Leisure 

Being at home is sometimes about comforting yourself with the random things you have missed for a while. 

Reorganizing the wardrobe

A useful thing to do while being at home is reorganizing the wardrobe. If you haven’t shaken your clothes for a long time, put it all out, take the things you don’t wear anymore, finally sew on the missing buttons and make other minor repairs that you can handle on your own. Make yourself ready for the new season of the year. 


It’s always the right time for a good book. So make your own list, pick the ones that you wanted to read the most but it was never the time for starting it and do it. 

Go for classic literature and smash War and Peace, pick up a detective and find out about The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo or choose an alternative and spend a few days crying and laughing with A Man Called Ove


It’s been a while since you last cooked your favorite apple pie. Treat yourself and your beloved people with home-cooked food and don’t forget to enjoy the process. It doesn’t often happen that you have so much time for this. 

So many things to keep yourself busy, right? Once the quarantine is over, you will definitely feel like there’s so much done and accomplished and that all those precious weeks were not squandered.

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