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Is Turning Red 2022 available to stream? Is watching Turning Red on Disney Plus, HBO Max, Netflix or Amazon Prime? Yes we have found an authentic streaming option / service. Details on how you can watch Turning Red for free throughout the year are described below.

Watch streaming ‘Turning Red’ (2022) movie free streaming online At home

Disney Pixar’s film! Here’s options for downloading or watching Turning Red 2022 streaming the full movie online for free on 123movies ,Reddit including where to watch the anticipated movie at home.

Watch Now Free: Turning Red (2022) Full Movie Online

Turning Red is a fun and vibrant animation about a 13-year-old girl called Mei Lee. She may seem like your typical confident teenager, but there’s something extraordinary about her — she turns into a giant red panda when she gets too excited!

Turning Red is directed by Domee Shi, who won an Academy Award for her short film Bao, has brought together a star-studded cast for the film. We can’t wait to see what happens in this movie and (hopefully!) we won’t turn into a giant red panda like Mei Lee.

Mei, as you’ll see below in the Turning Red trailer, becomes a giant red panda. Her transformation even comes with its own pink smoke. Turning Red doesn’t just look fun, but it also looks to be Pixar’s return to normalcy, as reports have indicated it will have a full theatrical release when it bows next year.

Watch Now Free: Turning Red (2022) Full Movie Online

Turning Red Movie Release Date 2022

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures announce the Turning Red release date on March 11, 2022. It will be available in the areas in which the service is provided. In the countries where Disney plus is not working, there will be theatrical global launches for the audience.

With the rise of the spreading Omicron variant on January 07, 2022, the planned, scheduled date shifted back to March 11, 2022. Considering the Covid-19 pandemic, the theatre release was replaced by digital streaming platforms like Disney Plus, allowing less infection to spread. In international countries where Disney plus services are unavailable, the film will be released on Cinema Theatres on March 11, 2022.

Where Will Turning Red Be Available To Watch?

Following nearly 2 years of straight-to-stream premiers, Disney had announced that Turning Red would have a theatrical release. Unfortunately, in early January the studio reversed that announcement, stating that Turning Red will only be available to stream from home on the Disney+ streaming service, where it is likely to be part of their exclusive Premier Access service, which costs an additional $29.99 on top of the standard monthly subscription charge. While the theaters might not be poppin’, the popcorn in our microwaves sure will be as audiences can’t wait to stream this totally rad movie and have a totally chillax time from the comfort of home.

Turning Red cast and crew

While most of the cast is not revealed, the official synopsis from the trailer descriptions gives us one pretty big reason to be excited. Sandra Oh (Killing Eve, Raya, and The Last Dragon) is voicing Ming Lee, Mei’s mother who is a bit overprotective.

 Mei is voiced by relative newcomer Rosalie Chiang, whose IMDb page lists three appearances: Soiled and The Interns (a pair of shorts from 2018) and two episodes of the show Clique Wars from 2017.

And we can’t forget to mention Turning Red’s director, Domee Shi. Shi directed Bao, the 2018 Pixar short film about a woman who cooks a meal of baozi, only to see one come to life. She was the first woman to direct a Pixar short, and Turning Red is her directorial debut.

  • Mei Lee is voiced by Rosalie Chiang
  • Ming Lee, her mother, is voiced by Sandra Oh

What Is The Plot Of Turning Red?

Meilin “Mei” Lee is a math-loving thirteen-year-old who is astonishingly ambitious and utterly unafraid of being herself. With her flute skills and academic hustle, Mei is one cool, educated young lady.

 This totally rad middle schooler and her three closest friends share secret handshakes, environmental protests, and a love for the most incredible boy ]band of all time, 4*Town. Most importantly the girls love each other through thick and thin, even when things get a little hairy.

As she herself is soon to find out, there’s much more to “perfect little Mei-Mei”. One fateful night Mei undergoes a strange transformation, (and no, it’s not her first bout of acne), she wakes up magically turned into a giant red panda. While Mei is shocked by her new appearance, her parents were expecting this to happen. Mei learns that her family has a mystical connection to red pandas. 

Turning into one run in their family, and in order to control the transformation, she must control her emotions. That shouldn’t be a problem, right? Thirteen-year-olds are great at controlling their emotions, especially with the stress of school, and the concert of a lifetime coming up! Most thirteen-year-olds have to deal with a few body changes, but Mei is a whole other story. Talk about finding new hair in surprising places.

While trying to keep her cool, Mei finds that she likes her new self and instead of trying to hold her feelings in, she takes the changes in stride, learning about her emotions and the power of feeling them along the way. The film’s deeper message teaches that you are never too much for the right people, and instead of bottling up your emotions you can turn them into superpowers and do something incredible.

Final words

Turning Red is coming out in 2022 on Friday, March 11, 2022. We cannot wait to be transformed by the world of Turning Red on March 11, 2022.

So, these are the major pieces of information about the film. We can’t wait for additional details to start rolling in, including vocal cast, music credits, character design/production design leads, etc.

 Hopefully, we don’t “turn red” while we wait for more news on this exciting new film.

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