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Chris Watts has had a number of documentaries made about him. Here are the revelations coming from the Netflix documentary.

The most shocking revelations from Chris Watts’s Netflix documentary

The Netflix documentary series American Murder: The Family Next Door details the investigation behind how Chris Watts murdered his pregnant wife Shanann and his two daughters, Bella & Celeste. Three months later, Watts confessed to the crime. 

American Murder: The Family Next Door reveals the story behind the Watts family murders via interrogation room footage, home videos, text messages, and social media posts. These pieces of evidence provide new details about the murders. Here are some of the most shocking revelations from American Murder: The Family Next Door

Watts lies to the media

After his family’s supposed disappearance, Watts told authorities he had no idea where his wife & daughters could have gone. He kept talking to the media and begging the public for his family’s safe return.  In an attempt to get suspicion off his back, he tried to shift the blame from himself about his family’s mysterious vanishing.

Watts fails his polygraph test

Polygraph tests help investigators know whether or not a suspect is lying. Watts, for unknown reasons, agreed to take a polygraph test about his family. According to the polygraph tester, a guilty subject would never agree to undergo a test. 

Watts failed to clear his name – instead, he ended up making himself seem even more suspicious. The tester recalled Watts kept trying to calm himself down and noted his breathing was also off. American Murder: The Family Next Door reveals Watts failed the polygraph test, but Watts remained adamant he hadn’t lied.

Strange behavior beforehand

Shanann Watts’s text messages revealed her unhappiness with her marriage with Chris Watts in the weeks leading up to the murder. In the messages, Shannan accused Chris Watts of not keeping in touch with her when he was away on business. Shannan also claimed Chris Watts showed her little affection when he came back home.

Watts had an affair

Shannan even accused Chris Watts of having an affair – she was correct. Nichol Kessinger, Watts’s mistress, told authorities she met Watts at work in 2018. Watts mentioned his kids, but told Kessinger he was separating from his wife. Kessinger said their relationship went past a friendship level. Watts later admitted to having an affair.

What actually happened

Watts initially lied about the events of the murder. At first, Watts told investigators Shanann strangled their kids to death – then he killed Shanann in retaliation. He claimed he never harmed his daughters. 

Later, Chris Watts confessed to what actually happened. Shanann wanted to separate and told Watts he would never see his kids again. Watts, reportedly, strangled her to death in anger. His daughters then woke up and asked what happened to their mother. Watts told them their mother was sick. 

Then, he drove Shanann’s body and his daughters to the oil site where he worked. He killed his two young daughters by smothering them and hid their bodies.

Legal ruling

The judge who ruled over Watts’ trial sentenced him to five life sentences – three consecutive & two concurrent – with no chance at obtaining parole. The presiding judge deemed the case was the most vicious & inhumane crime he had ever dealt with. 

The details surrounding the Watts family murders are deeply disturbing & troubling. American Murder: The Family Next Door is currently streaming on Netflix for those who want to find out more about this case. 

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