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The most classic show about the murdered and the missing is streaming on NBC. Watch these iconic 'Dateline' episodes now.

Dateline is on the NBC streaming service: Watch these iconic episodes

The most classic show about the murdered and the missing is streaming on NBC. You can get a true crime fix on demand if you use NBC’s streaming service. Dateline has been running since 1992. It’s still airing, and for good reason. 

The way correspondents smoothly walk the audience through timelines and get up close and personal with one-on-one interviews can really draw a viewer in. It’s the kind of show that leaves you horrified by humanity, but also really fascinated by the stories. If you’re looking to flick on some NBC’s Dateline to pass the time, here are some iconic episodes to choose from. 

“House on Pitch Pine Crescent” 

Have you ever lived in a place with a creepy house at the end of the street? You know, that house you kind of avoid because only bad things ever seem to come from there? Well, this episode of Dateline might put that house to shame since “bad things” would be an understatement when describing what went on there. 

In a suburb of Toronto, there is a house where a family is plagued by death. Over the years, one relative after another is found dead in the same house. They can’t seem to pin down why everyone keeps dropping like flies but one thing’s for sure. They don’t want to be next. Find out whether the house is cursed, plagued by a monster, or worse, in “House on Pitch Pine Crescent”. 

“At the Bottom of the Stairs”

A young woman living alone in Massachusetts is found lying at the bottom of her basement stairs by first responders. Everyone has questions about how she got there. Of course, it could just be a normal slip and fall. After all, we’ve all heard the warnings from well-scripted Life Alert commercials. 

If her fate had been that simple then this woman’s story wouldn’t have ended up on Dateline though, now would it? The plot twist in this one will get you so hard your mind will be the stuff of pretzels. 

“A Mother’s Mission”

The NXIVM cult scandal was all anyone could talk about for a while there in 2020. For those still looking to consume content regarding this multi-level marketing company turned sex trafficking ring, check out Dateline’s “A Mother’s Mission.” 

Catherine Oxenberg tells the story of how she had to fight to get her daughter India Oxenberg out of the cult. The brainwashing was deep. Like most cults, the leaders had reality so twisted for its members that they started to believe even degrading acts were for their own good. 

Since NXIVM was specifically a multi-level marketing company focused on helping people with self-improvement, the brainwashing was doubly deep. India Oxenberg went through several bouts of not speaking to her mother since mentors were telling her Catherine was bad for her growth and wellbeing. Watch this episode of Dateline to hear how hard a mother was willing to fight to get her daughter back. 

“In a Lonely Place” 

Murder, embezzlement, and fake accounts. This Dateline episode’s got it all. When an argument between two friends and business partners turns deadly, all kinds of deception ensues. Not only is one partner cooking up the books, but he’s cooking up all sorts of lies too. 

You wouldn’t think running a debt consolidation business would lead to so much drama but things aren’t always as they seem. The family of the victim is led to believe their husband and father has simply abandoned them for a more radical lifestyle. Watch “In a Lonely Place” to find out who kills who and how they managed to convince everyone the other is still living. 

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